Bert and Betty

It took five years and the efforts of many friends to collect the parts to restore
this 150-year-old Hackney Wagon to which we added a chuck box. 
John Edwards of New Home, Texas rebuilt the wheels.
Daryl Hogue did the assembly and finish work on this great wagon.

We completed the restoration just 5 days before the 2004 National Cowboy Symposium.

Out of about 200 contestants we took first place in the "Parade of the Horse" with our mules. 

This wagon & our teams have won many events.

Our cowboys on our 3 outrider mules, our team Bert & Betty, and the 150-year-old Hackney Wagon took the 2nd place award in the 2004 National Cowboy Symposium's "Parade of the Horse" in the category of "Best Representation of the Cowboy Era".

This versatile Amish trained team drives single, works in the field as a team, plows,

or flash their quality at the mule show or parade.

Bert and Betty were English owned & Amish trained. Full brother and sister.
Matched Belgium team. 


                                                                   Sister "Betty"

Brother "Bert"
 A fancy, experienced, finished, top of the line team.
   Great team in step!  
       Wagon trains can be great fun.
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