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Take a knee


Dr. Jim served as a Leiutenant in the United States Army. Rancho Santiago has 4 acquired sons in the military at this time: 1 Marine, 1 Army, 1 Navy & 1 in the Air Force. 



Election Protest or Riot ?


Who for President ? Cowboy told me......

 I was visting with a hard working rough cowboy recently and he told me his view of the presidential race. 

"Well we have two piles of cow shit (manure)  running for president so now it is our job to figure out which one stinks less". 

as told to Dr. Jim 

REPLY TO MR. & MRS. KAHN political dupes. Sad beyond words.




Muhammad Ali "CHAMPION. OUTCAST. HERO. LEGEND....... the greatest!

Time Magazine definitely got it right when they published...  "ALI CHAMPION, OUTCAST. HERO. LEGEND".

I remember watching Muhammad Ali with his body shaking, barely able to walk, but even as he suffled along somehow he was radiating strength and confidence as he lit the flame at the Olympics. We stood up in front of the TV whith tears coming down our cheeks as we cheered our respect and thanks to this complicated, strong, talented, athletic man.  The Greatest. 

Illegal Immigrants: Perhaps not all are murderers and rapists! Most just want to work.

The queston raging in my mind lately is why are the Mexican Illegal Migrants just "illegal Wet Backs"  and the Syrians are refugees?   Have you heard that more folks across our southern border have been killed than in Vietman X two. 




ISIS Muslims…. guns…. soldiers…. cowards ………………………… Refugee or Illegal Immigrant?


          We are asked to NOT judge ALL Muslims

          by the actions of a few lunitics, but we are encouraged

          to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of 

          a few lunitics.  Funny how that works. 


Great Gun Poster….. just think about it!


Intelligence Test of mules, horses and donkeys. MULES SMARTER!

At Rancho Santiago we have ridden and worked mules for decades.  We already knew they are smarter.  Dr. Jim


Experts discover that mules are more intelligent than horses and donkeys

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