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If it ain't broke then don't fix it ... WELL THE MEDICAL INSURANCE & DRUG CO. GAME IS BROKEN

The medical insurance companies made a power move a decade ago to take over the medical insurance for which we pay when they announced that to "reduce cost and better manage health care" the insurance companies would take over management of our health insurance services.  I guess they elbowed we mere consumers out of the way because we were to stupid to handle our own choice of physician. Anyway insurance companies are our "friends" aren't they?  HELL NO!

National Health Insurance ... simple!

We the people have anointed others with our votes and inadvertently  created a set of American Royals, the men and women of the United States Congress. This Congress views themselves as superior people to the citizens of our Nation. By their self serving actions, members of Congress demonstrate that they fully believe they are entitled to benefits far above the teaming masses.  

God ... getting back our USA values ... Ben Stein

Mr. Stein said this so well I just wanted to share it.  Since GITMO is on my mind I think his words are also relevant to the so called "enhanced interrogation" that is out and out torture ... not Godly nor American. Thanks Mr. Stein.

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Dr. Jim

Gitmo and torture

I have my opinion and even I am surprised at how strong I feel about torture.  Let me give myself a small bit of creditability ... I was a lieutenant in the United States Army ... I served proudly during that time of Vietnam ... I did not run away to England, Canada, or use lies and monied friends to evade my duty.

 As an American and United States Army Officer, I was taught and understand that torture is wrong and just not what we Americans do or condone as a nation. 

Urine Test an issue of freedom ... YES!

Read through this opinion from a construction worke

I am an NRA member. We must protect our constitutional right to bear arms! I'm nervous about this new guy.

 I am reading that the next attack from the Feds concerning our right to arm ourselves is coming in the guise of big taxes on ammunition along with restrictive quotas on the amount of ammunition a person can have in their possession.  This ammo allocation will be tracked by the ATF at the federal level.

Chris Kennan United States Marine/Rancho Santiago Cowboy

 Update:  Our Marine has met the love of his life .... they were married in May.  Maria and I were honored to sit with Chris's mother, Marilyn Haight, as co-parents.  HOORAY for them ... God's blessing on their union.

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