Cattle Adventures

We are divesting ourselves of the cattle operation at Rancho Santiago. We have run a cow calf operation on our Adcock and other leases for 15 years. We bred Gyr & Zebu Brahman cows to Saler and Limousine bulls. Always our first love has been the mules and horses. Letting go of the leases and cattle now allow us to focus our attention at the ranch to full time fine mule production, exhibition mule team activities, and raising, training, and hunting fine Catahoula hog hunting dogs.  
Catching wild cows is arguably more dangerous, fun, and exciting than the rodeo. We have no time clock and have to be our own clowns. Dr. Jim, quarter horse Redman, and tranquilizer dart gun, or could it be Barbarosa south of the border in that Willie Nelson movie?
Wild cow catching business. We mean wild cows with an attitude.  
Catching stray and wild cattle has developed as an interesting side line for the ranch team. We are for hire to catch those uncatchable cattle. We have a tranquilizer dart gun, loading equipment, catch trailer, and experienced ranch horses. Contact us for more information.
Maria got a baby Brahman calf for Christmas. She named her Becca and she grew into a good producer.  
From time to time we hire day work cowboys to help with the round up. Randy & Arthur are proof that Texas mamma's still raise young men with great southern manners.
The down horn long horn cow is an odd rarity. 100 years ago this would be the boss cow that would lead the trail drive. In Mexico they are known as chongos (monkeys). A cow with this type of horn set can horn another cow high or low before they can escape her vicinity, therefore they become the boss cow.  
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