Driving School

Dr. Jim started driving heavy draft horses about 25 years ago. When Dr. JIm started out as a beginning driver there just was not enough of life time span left to take 40 years to learn how to drive really right. So Jim, Maria, & mamma Rebecca, journeyed to Black Forrest, Colorado, near Colorado Springs to attend Bob and Julie Olson's wonderful driving school located in the black pines. This school has top class instruction, facilities, horses, & equipment.

Safety, calmness, and confidence is mentored by Bob's quiet, expert coaching. Many years of pointers, experience, and success was acquired during that week. The Olson school experience provided hands on work with single, team, 4 up, and 6 up driving. The Olson's great hitch of black Percherons is tops.


In addition, Bob and Julie have a carriage shop, harness and equipment shop and the knowledge to help drivers. 

The Olson's have a full page add in the "Draft Horse Journal".

 Hands on experience. Wow my hands got really tired holding and maneuvering 6 different lines. After getting back home I squeeze a rubber ball every night. Best of all I had the chance to learn how to do it correctly.
"Come haw, come haw" said quietly to the teams and pressure back on the left side lines and the 4 up starts turning to the left. Bob Olson's students use his top horses and best equipment, including a $90,000, one hundred year old, fantastically restored wagon!
Top of the line facilities. Harnessing a team in the stall, and the chance to learn so much from ground up harnessing to driving the 6 up (3 teams).  
Head 'em up and move 'em out.
Sore hands and great practice.
Jim and Bob out with the new black Percheron team for a Colorado drive.  
Washing the big wheel team with a portable car wash machine. The horses like it and their coat condition shows it.
Heavy horses means heavy harness, Dr. Jim.  
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