Ranch Favorites

We are glad to share our regional FAVORITES. These are people and services that have stood the test of time, value, and dependability in our opinion. Rancho Santiago believes in telling people about who does right and who does not provide good service. You may agree or disagree, of course, people experience the world differently.


Favorite Quality Old Fashioned Hamburger"
- in Texas is at the Dixie Dog, Spur, Texas. We especially recommend the jalapeno cheese burger with extra onions.  For desert Dr. Jim likes an origional "Dixie Dog" a hand battered hot dog on a stick.

Cherry Lime is our drink of choice. 

Favorite Myler Combination bit
- Rancho Santiago recommends the Myler Combination bit with an individual mouth piece selected for your individual mule. We have 100's of bits but we are having the best relaxed response across all of our mules with the Myler combination bit. You can find information about this bit at http://www.toklat.com. We are selling out our other bits.


*** Favorite Mule Book ***
In our opinion the most complete and informative book on mules and understanding mules is:
The Missouri Mule: His Origin and Times, Volume I & II, UED99. By Melvin Bradley.
Total cost including shipping $40.50

Chapter XII on "Mule Psychology" can save years of misunderstanding concerning how a mule thinks. To order:
University of Missouri, Columbia
Extension Publications
2800 Maguire Blvd.
Columbia, MO 65211
phone order: 1-800-292-0969

Favorite Breed of Hog Hunting Dog

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Favorite Saddle Pad

"Gel" brand ... none of the others even can be compared!

Favorite child, adolescent, and family therapist
- Dr. James A. Gamble, Ed.D.
Lubbock, TX. 806-795-5705.

Favorite web site design and services
- Desert Star Design ...Ms Robin

Favorite child raising book
- Children the Challenge
by Rudolf Dreikurs

Favorite Truck
- Chevrolet 2500 pickup with duramax diesel and Allison transmission.

Favorite school for learning to drive equines plus driving supplies & pioneer equipment.
- Olson Carriage & Harness,
Black Forest, CO. ph. 719-495-4486 www.olsoncarriage.com

Favorite photographer
- Victor Mosqueda Photography,
Lubbock, Texas. 806-747-9000.

Favorite Blues C.D.
- "White Boys with Potential" by P. J. Belly and the Texas Blues Band.

Favorite saying 
"...and as night follows day to thine own self be true..."
W. Shakespeare, Hamlet.

Favorite Watch Dog Organization

This Humane Watch organization keeps a daily watch on the Humane Society of the United States and will email you an up to date report ont HSUS' shady activities. 

Link to HumaneWatch 

Note: The Humane Society of the United States uses only 1% of the huge amounts monies they collect to help animal shelters. 

This group is a scam in our opinion.

HSUS is not your local shelter.

More informtion on the ranch blog.



                  Our Favorite Catahoula Dog Book

The Complete Louisana Catahoula Leopard Dog

by Don Abney. 

"a very detailed scholarly deep study book with more great information on all facets of raising & owning a Catahoula.  A serious good read and resource.   Dr. Jim 



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