Diamond B's Fleet DECEASED



Named "Fleet" because she is exceptonally fast closing on a hog. Fast, smart, people loving, whelps superior pups that tend to have her 4 white feet & personality.










Bosco X Fleet = some of the very best pups of the entire Catahoula breed.   Quality pups on purpose!





Rancho Santiago added Fleet to our top line up of the best hunting and breeding bitches we can acquire is named "Fleet" because she is very fast getting to a wild boar & she bays hard  while working as a team to catch & hold a boar.  Fleet is built for endurance and to run.  

Fleet is gritty and has very strong go git em drive. Plus she is a people love & natural protector.


 We are constantly amazed how tough, gritty, and courageous is this blood line of Catahoulas.  Yet the same Rancho Santiagol Catahoula is people loving and friendly.  This combination of personality traits makes a very trainable Catahoula companion & natural home protector. 


                       Great Catahoulas are no accident.  It is in their blood! 


            Dimond B's Fleet's pups are elgible for NALC registration



 Fleet X Bosco yields a great variety of hair coat colors and eye colors..... Pups with great old foundation breed traits, strength and Catahoula intelligence.  Frankly these are fabulous puppies. Nuff Saif.... Dr. Jim 


Fleet is NALC registered.

Fleet's  first litter was by artificial insemination to our Bosco. She whelped & raised a10 pup super litter.

Fleet is very people loving and so are her wonderful friendly smart pups. 

Fleet has two "cracked" eyes so she carries the resessive genetics for cracked or blue eyes pups.  Eye color is always a roll of the dice. 



Fleet has a "cracked" eye (two colors in one eye) and four white feet which she tends to pass on to her pups.

We prefer the physical conformation of the old foundation Catahoulas.   Great box type heads, deep wide chests & good muscles that are backed up by intelligence and grit.


Fleet was raised around horses and mules and hunting.  She is accustomed to the command of "get behind" as we move towards another  hunting area. All of the dogs will line up behind the mule until told "get out front" ...Then they go hunting.





                                            Elvis X Fleet 


 Pups weaned, vaccinated for parvo / distemper, dewormed,eating kibble food, happy & barking.

Veternarian certified as healthy & ready for their new home




 Elvis' parents holding a boar.

 Fleet on the hunt.....she is fast on the catch.



Elvis & Fleet carry in their blood lines the Catahoula foundation breed genetics. Strong correct conformation with medium bone, wide deep chest, strong muscling, superior box type heads and intelligence. 




Great Home Companion dogs, happy loyal family members, natural home & family protection dogs. 



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          Elvis X Fleet

        Pups for sale

                Whelped 7-??-17




                                        Litter Photos 



                                Individual Pup Pictures   

                                        Elvis X Fleet



Elvis & Emma show their foundation bred genetics. Strong correct conformation with medium bone, wide deep chest, strong muscling, athletic, great box type heads and loaded with intelligence.  Both have a lot of eye color... their pups are top of the line quality !. 


                   Elvis & Fleet ARE GRITTY TOUGH WORKING PARENTS.  

TOUGH, not mean,  but LOVING TO "THEIR PEOPLE" & protect "THEIR PROPERTY". 

Great Home Companions, happy loyal family members, natural home & family protection dogs. 

named Fleet = she is fast to hog or cow work

                                Elvis & Fleet are NALC registered.



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NOTE to reserved buyers:  


Choice from litter is by date of receipt of reservation payment.


                   RESERVED PAID BUYERS  choice of pup

1st choice is always breeder reserved or pass or no choice.

breeder reserved 

Breeder reserves right of 1st choice Male & or Female or entire litter or pass no choice.

Breeder reserved or pass at 6 weeks of age. 


& or female 

# breeder reserved 


#1 choice buyer reserved


full pay received in Rancho office


#2 pup

2nd choice buyer reserved


#3 Pup

3rd choice buyer  reserved full pay received in Rancho office

#4 Pup

4th choice buyer  reserved

full pay received in Rancho office

#5 Pup


5th choice buyer reserved 

full pay received in Rancho office

#6 Pup  


6th choice buyer reserved 


full pay received in Rancho office





#7 Pup 


#8    8th choice buyer reserved    
#9  10th choice buyer reserved    






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