Mike Dillard Cur Hunting Dogs: "DILLARD DOGS"


Mike Dillard is a gifted professional "dog man".

Mike Dillard's "Rim Rock Adventures" hunting services now offers his special bred blend of hunting puppies for sale. Dillard pups are out of his exceptionally talented, tough, gritty Kemmer Cur and Mountain Cur dogs that are cross bred with his other top of the line proven "on the hunt" dogs. Occasionlly, a smidgen of trailing hound or bull dog or Catahoula dog blood is found in Mike's pups genetic mix. 

Mike Dillard seeks to produce the very best big game dogs. The parents of Dillard's pups prove their worth & demonstrate their in-bred superior hunt skills on daily hunts.

 puppies SOLD!  

From time time we have more pups or trained working adults for Sale...... contact Mike Dillard @  rimrockadventures.com.


Mike Dillard has earned his reputation as a renowned licensed hunting guide, professional hunter, & trainer of specialized tough "go get um" Cur hunting dogs and hounds. In addition, he schools mules used for hunting and packing in the rough remote rocky outback.

The foundation of Mike Dillard's exceptional dogs evolved out of his decades of experience hunting with dogs, friendships developed during hunting adventures and years of visits around the camp fire. Dillard's intimate knowledge of what makes really good dogs, experience as a nationally known "dog man" established over 38 years guiding successful hunts culmunates as Mike's unique touch required to develop his top of the line hunting dogs.

Mike's friendships allow closed gates to open for him to acquire dogs from closely guarded personal family hunting packs whose dogs will never be available to outsiders.

Over many decades, Mike has brought together these best of dogs acquired from the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, Colorado mountains, New Mexico mountain badlands, Louisiana - Mississippi swamps and the  Texas – Oklahoma wild hills & canyon country.

Dillard successfully cross breeds, raises and trains the best of his best great hunting dogs. Now a few of these select-bred pups are available for sale for your hunting enjoyment & to serve as natural loyal protection dogs who love their people but will seriously chew on an invading stranger.

By the way, Mike Dillard (rimrockadventures.com) books & guides hunts for elk, deer, aoudad sheep, hogs & other game such as bear and mountain lion.  A "hunt of a life time" is not a rare event with Rim Rock Adventures.

Mountain Curs are courageous and intelligent dogs with a history that dates back to the pioneer days. When settlers crossed the Alleghenies and the Appalachians, these dogs were vital for their survival in the wilderness.

Mountain Curs treed and bayed game for food and pelts, guarded the homestead, and were smart, tough, and loyal companions. Colors include yellow, blue, brown, brindle, black, brindle and black, often with white points & spots.

Recently Mike & Dr. Jim took a little road trip (3,000 miles) to Tennessee to pick up Mountian Cur pups. They visited with wonderful real-life mountain people with whom Mike has for years hunted bears in the Smokey Mountains.

Mike's mountain clan friends are very nice people. They are the keepers of 200 plus years of private family knowledge of their wonderful line of Cur dogs bred generation on generation to hunt bear. The quality of the Cur pups easily made the log trip worthwhile.

And by the way, these mountain folks grow fantastic neat perfectly aligned gardens that we can only envy big time.

Another trip a while ago was to mountian lion country to visit the late Henry McIntyre. When Mike introduced me to Henry and his wife, Terri, we ate great huge steaks at their table. The Moonshine mule that I ride and hunt off of today I bought from Henry.

After introduccing Henry to me for the first time, Mike walked off and left the two of us standing and visiting. In about a minute, Henry stepped up towards me with his nose about 2 inches from my nose as he stared into my eyes...while he continued to visit in a calm easy voice...there was no space between us. It seemed like Henry talked for a very long time. I replied from time to time. While this nose to nose encounter was happening my personal thought was "I will be damned if I will step back and I will not blink my eyes!"...and somehow I did neither.

After a while, Henry shook my hand and walked away to his dog kennels. Mike returned and said "did you pass" and I replied "pass what" ?...

Mike chuckled and said "I bet you didn't blink". "Henry tried you out to see who you are...you passed."

I did not have the pleasure of being around Mr. Henry many times, but each time I saw him again I felt his friendly acceptance. What a privilege.  Dr. Jim, Rancho Santiago.

 Dr. Jim visiting with nationally famous lion hunter and dog breeder Henry McIntire while lion hunting near the Texas - Mexican border.  Picture by Mike Dillard.


                                     Mike Dillard 

      Professional  hunter - guide, "dog man", mule trainer.


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