Rancho Santiago’s Joaquin



 Rancho Santiago’s Joaquin 






            Great Catahoulas are no accident... it is in their blood!





Joaquin has the blood.  

Joaquin is the blood.






















                              May 2016  Big stout puppy


Joaquin playing













Photos at age 2 months leaves doubt why we kept Joaquin saved by Rancho Santiago as a breeding stud. 


                           Joaquin is the last surviving son of Rancho Santiago's Big Joe & Grand Sire, Bosco

     Rancho Santiago's Big Joe

             Son of Bosco. 


                    Dam:  Spicy Lady  


Kennel name: Feliz 




    Retired Grand Sire:  Bosco

          Just take a look at Big Joe, son of Bosco & then check out Bosco, sire of Big Joe, Bosco's SUPERIOR genetics carries on. 


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