Rancho Santiago's Elvis standing at stud. … Other Prospect future stud dog pups


                           Rancho Santiago’s Elvis  




Rancho Santiago's   Elvis at 6 weeks

 Elvis at 17  months old 75#

Elvis at 2 years old 95#



Elvis is filling out, muscling up & growing.

    Picture 7-1-15   Elvis is #95 of Catahoula athlete.






Great Catahoulas are no accident.  It is in their blood!  


Rancho Santiago's Elvis N.A.L.C. Registrartion Certificate

(note: It took one year for Rancho Santiago to receive Elvis' NALC paper)












corrected NALC Reg. Number: Y-19064-1979-13 


Elvis at 17 months of age



Elvis & Maria are buddies.







Great Strong eyes!  

Blue glass "cracked" eyes.... very special, unusual and very cool attention getters from folks.  



Elvis in dog box on the rancho truck parked right in front of the door of the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

Hundreds of folks from all over the U.S.A. walking down the sidewalk stopped, petted and talked to Elvis.

They marveled at his colorful eyes & good personality.                          





 With the blessing of the Lord, Rancho Santiago produced "Elvis".  He shows his breed's foundation genetics through his superior sire "Clyde" and superior dam "Zap".


(Sire) Clyde X  Zap (Dam)

Top of the breed quality working parents 







Hey, Brother don't bite my butt!













         Elvis was whelped July 12, 2013 




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