Ms. Mary and her "Pebbles" mule at Colorado Mule Days




Ms. Mary, 
We are thrilled that you shared your & Miss Pickles adventure at the Colorado Classic Mule and Donkey Days.  You are both class acts.
Mike asked me last week if I had heard from you.... we are really happy for you good lady.  We appreciate you keeping us up on your mule adventures. 
Life at the ranch is great and blessed with rain.  
Happy Safe Trails, 
Jim & Mike
at Rancho Santiago


Jim, thought you would like to see how Miss Pickles is doing!  How are things at your ranch?


Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 14:32:53 -0600

Pebbles aka Miss Pickle, placed 2nd in the Saddle Mule class at the Colorado Classic Mule and Donkey Days this morning.  It was a large class, over 10 entries with both Johns and Mollys.  A nice mule from New Mexico got 1st place. 
Happy Riding!




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