ISIS Muslims…. guns…. soldiers…. cowards ………………………… Refugee or Illegal Immigrant?


          We are asked to NOT judge ALL Muslims

          by the actions of a few lunitics, but we are encouraged

          to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of 

          a few lunitics.  Funny how that works. 


I do not see these ISIS murderers as "fighters"... "solldiers"... combatants"... seeking an Islamic State.   These lunitics pick out unarmed people who cannot fight back or protect themselves from sneak attack.

People who attack unarmed children, women, and men are just flat out COWARDS!  

OH, They can wave their black flag, dance around and sing while chanting slogans.... THEY ARE COWARDS!

Go to Hell you cowards wraped in the skin of a pig... & the sooner the better. 

Dr. Jim

on the back of a riding mule trying to think.  


Letting Syrians into the U.S.A.

Hey, we have imigration rules and laws.  If one of our Mexican friends wishes to legally immigrate into our wonderful country, they apply and go through all the hoops and legal requirements which take that person a minimum of 24 months.

It should be the same for the Syrians or anyone else... 24 months and a real investigation of who they are really.

Dr. Jim 


What is the difference in an "illegal immigrant" and a "refugee"?

So just what is the difference between "illegal Mexican immigrants" (so called "wet backs" in the 1950's) seeking refuge from murderous drug cartels in Mexico and those folks walking the paths or boating the sea out of Syria. 

Those Mexican children, women familes and men come across our border seeking safety from murderers... it is shocking to realize that more citizens of Mexico have been killed in the drug wars than all of the deaths of people during the Vietnam war!

...... just how is it so different that those people are refugees across the sea... and that our Mexicn refugees are ILLEGALS? 

Remember when.... The U.S.A. put those Mexican children in chain link pens.  I was ashamed. 

Dr. Jim 

thoughts while standing in the Catahoula whelping pen. 



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