Muhammad Ali "CHAMPION. OUTCAST. HERO. LEGEND....... the greatest!

Time Magazine definitely got it right when they published...  "ALI CHAMPION, OUTCAST. HERO. LEGEND".

I remember watching Muhammad Ali with his body shaking, barely able to walk, but even as he suffled along somehow he was radiating strength and confidence as he lit the flame at the Olympics. We stood up in front of the TV whith tears coming down our cheeks as we cheered our respect and thanks to this complicated, strong, talented, athletic man.  The Greatest. 

Our friend was traveling through the Las Vegas airport when she saw Ali seated alone waiting for his flight. She went over to him and introduced herself. Mr. Ali stood up, smiled and shook her hand. As they visited, Ali shared that he was in Las Vegas to watch his daughter fight in a boxing match. Our friend told us that he was smiling, relaxed, gracious a very warm friendly person. 

I am a life long admirer of Muhammad Ali.  With pictures of Ali in my private office. I have way too much to say about his life and now his loss so perhaps it is best that I close with "Thank you Muhammad Ali".




With my heavy Texas accent, which, of course, I am justly  proud, I have always pronounced Muhammad as "Mohammed", bu my admiration coulld be no stronger so now I have cleaned up my accent in this case only.

Thanks again, Mulhammed Ali.



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