Dorthy Taylor and her mule, "Molly".



Dr. Jim,

Molly did really great in the hurricane.  Barn was unscathed.'
Molly has cataracts and only sees shadows.  I've "blind-proofed" the barn and grounds.  She gets around just fine.  I love her very, very much.
Otherwise she is in good health.
This wonderful photo glows with the long time love betweem Drorothy and her aged mule "Molly".  
Rancho Santiago is happy and honored to have one of our great mules in such loving care over many years with good folks. 
Molly and Dorothy and husband have ridden in many parades and events over the years. 
We are thankful that all are safe and well inspite of the rcctent hurricane. 
Dr. Jim & Maria


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