"Smiling" Catahoula pup greets visitors at Oregon ranch



Hi Doc Jim. I just had to send I this pic of our Rancho Santiago,TX bred Catahoula, Griffin.  

Anyone who comes to our ranch is greeted with THIS smile!  He really is smiling- but we don't tell strangers this is his "happy face!"  

My barn girl took this picture last week. Her brother was new to our ranch n refused to get out of the pick up!  I see a couple of pups that would fit right in here.

I'm very tempted to visit TX. 



January 6, 2017

Hi Toni, 
WOW… now that is the smile of smiles…. I would not get out of the truck either. 
We will have more pups and have a few 1/2 grown fine pups for sale. You 
are always welcome to visit TX and the rancho. 
Of course, I have not noticed any of our pups with such a fetching smile. 
Many thanks for sharing, 
Waggin Puppy Tails 
Dr. Jim 




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