Rancho Santiago's Pup Guarantee

  Rancho Santiago's Pup Guarantee:           












We offer our buyers more of a guarntee than we receive as buyers   from sellers at the time of purchase.

 A Rancho Santiago pup must pass a Veterinarian’s fitness examination evaluating general health, conformation, hearing, eyesight and internal organs health as sound before sale.

 Rancho Santiago's guarantee is that at the time of examination the pup passed a Veterinarian health inspection at five weeks of age or older and is physically sound of health of according to the Vet's examination.

 Each individual pup’s photo at the top of Rancho Santiago's Health certificate verifies the inspection is for the pup pictured. This document is signed and dated by the Veterinarian. 

Before taking possession of the pup a buyer or their representative should always read the Vet. Health certificate and closely inspect the individual Catahoula for soundness. 

The buyer or their representative should not take possession of the dog if there is any concern about health or physical soundness. 

We cannot guarantee the dog’s future physical health, development, emotional state, behavior or how it responds to training after the dog leaves Rancho Santiago's gates because the pup is out of our direct supervision, care and control.

When the buyer, their representative or dog transporter takes possession of the buyer’s dog they become responsible regarding the dog’s health, safety and well-being.

Dr. Jim

Rancho Santiago Catahoulas


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