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                                                 Left glass eye cracked, Right amber eye cracked (more than 1 color in eye)

  #2 MALE for sale   $875.00.....  first come first served

          Active, athletic, run for fun, smart, people loving, happy. 


This #2 pup out of Elvis X Emma has top of the breed foundation genetics... a Dr. Jim's favorite type.



                   Planned Breedings                                ( reserve your opportunity to choose your pup by becoming a RESERVED PUP BUYER) 


======= Elvis or Joaquin  X ?  .... future breeding end of month, AUG.

              Elvis (stud)      X       ROJA      or  MAGNOLIA   or  IDA RED                        or

  X  as the female comes into heat cycle will breed. 

    Joaquin (stud)                          



Below is our explanation of next litter time due:

We wish we could tell a prospective buyer when a new litter will arrive.

There is no way Rancho Santiago Catahoulas can tell a buyer exactly when the next planned litter will be available for sale for several reasons out of our control.

The plan to mate one of our special stud Catahoulas with one of our top quality bitches is decided by Rancho Santiago. The time to breed is decided when the bitch’s natural hormones trigger her heat cycle. Nature makes this breeding time decision over which we have no control.

After the breeding, because every breeding is not successful, there is a thirty-day wait to see if there was conception.

If the pups made, then a bitch (female) is pregnant 62-63 days before whelping (birth). At birth the puppies are closely inspected for health. As the pups grow their growth and development is monitored daily. 

Rancho Santiago wants our buyers to know the waiting time to receive a reserved pup can take several months… avaliability of pups all depends on the bitch’s heat cycle and conception. 

Experience over time has shown that a Rancho Santiago proven top of the breed quality puppy is well worth the wait. 



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