Hog hunting... family loving "YOU DON'T FIND DOGS LIKE THIS ANYMORE".


A best of Catahoulas "Trigger" with his niece at Christmas.   


We have had a dog from your Rancho Santiago on our ranch for 12 years now and thought your customers needed to know that my wife had surgery a few days ago and when I go to change her bandage our big bad pig dog lays at her feet and makes sure I don't hurt her and I have to call him twice to get him to go with me to the barn to feed I think he knows things are different. You don't find dogs like that anymore. Tell Bonnie and Bosco thanks

From: Mike k.
Date: 11/04/2018 (05:55:30 PM PST)



Mike and Lynice,

We really appreciate the good news about your loyal protective 12 year old Rancho Santiago Catahoula pup.  

Maria and I are constantly amazed and proud of our Rancho Santiago Catahoulas dedication and protection of their families.  

I know your dog & you are not kiddin that he is a big bad gritty hog hunting Catahoula.... but 

he is a family Catahoula first and foremost. 

Keep up the blessed healing.  Prayers.

Dr. Jimbo & The Maria


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