How to Purchase your Rancho Santiago Catahoula.


"Sold" v.s "Choice"

A Catahoula is "Sold" when money changes hands & the check clears the bank. 

Rancho Santiago Catahoulas is a labor of love of the breed and a business.  If a buyer says they want or "choose" a pup and they do not send the money, that is NOT A SALE.

If a buyer selects a pup, it is sold to that buyer.  

Rancho Santiago will not sell your pup to someone else who offers a higher price. That just is not right. 

The old true saying among cowboys about a person "going to buy" versus a sale is that "MONEY TALKS AND B.S. WALKS". 



                                    Waiting List Reservation Process  



            Why reserve buy your pup?  

                                              Highly colored pups often are often chosen first. Reserve a pup early so you get to choose the pup you like from the litter.


    How to Reserve Your Rancho Santiago Catahoula Pup

Conact the Rancho Santiago Office by email at to receive information concerning how to make your puppy reservation.

Rancho Santiago’s buyer “Reservation Waiting List” system is our effort to be fair to our buyers. Buyers paying to reserve their pup from a litter to make sure they get to choose their puppy from a litter before that litter sells out. 

Order of a buyer's pick from a litter is made in the order of the date your payment is received in the ranch office. 

Some buyers prefer to make no reservation & take their chances on a litter not being all sold out.  Pups not reserved are for sale to the public on a first come and first buy basis.

Upon request, payment options are sent to a potential buyer by email. 

 The full base payment at this time is $850.00 plus $25.00 for a Vet health inspection and health certification...... total cost $875.00.      


 When a litter arrives, if the puppy you dream about is not in that litter, you may elect to pass to the next available litter to make your puppy choice. 

After weaning at 5+ weeks and passing a Veterinarian health certification the pups are ready to be chosen. We notify the #1reserved buyer to select or pass their pup choice to the next litter.  The next buyer listed by date of receipt of payment moves into the selection position to make their choice.  

If no response is received 24 hours after buyer is notified it is their time to choose a pup that buyer's name will be moved to the bottom of the reserved list.

Puppies not chosen will be offered to the public on a first come first served basis.

 Waggin Tails,

Dr. Jim

At Rancho Santiago Catahoulas 



                  How to Pay For Your Rancho Santiago Catahoula


Conact the Rancho Santiago Office by email at or phone (806) 795-5705 to receive suggestions for payment.

Payment methods:  

( *** Fees for use of credit card, etc. will be added to total pup payment)

1. Venmo (app off phone or computer) *** fastest way to pay.

2. bank transfer  ( Instructions emailed upon request),

3. credit card          (call office 806-795-5705 talk to "Nola")

4.  certified check

5.  personal check

6.  postal money order

7. NO PayPal  please

8. cash 

James A. Gamble,

806-795-5705 office

3812-23 street,

Lubbock, TX 79410. 


 Will your new Cataloua pup be able to survive with your old dog??  

                                    YES when introduced properly




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