Rancho Santiago's Puppy Makers

                  4 Hangin 4’s Ally....deceased


Rancho Satiago waited 3 years to get this best of Catahoula bitches into Rancho Santiago's breeding program.  Thankyou Winston & daughter for sharing Ally with us.

                "ALLY"... WELCOME HOME!

       Announcing an addition to our superior line up of females

          Red Leopard Breeding Bitch... "4 Hangin 4's Ally"

          NALC Registered

          3 years old... a best of heads, great conformation




         Rancho Santiago Puppy Makers are NALC registered.

 All of our breeding bitches and stud dogs work cattle & hunt hogs. Rancho Santiago Catahoulas have also been used to hunt raccoons, bob cats, mountain lions and bear.


            Buy & hunt Cross bred or Registered dogs?

Replacement of a great cross bred dog is almost impossible..

There are some wonderful mixed breed hunting dogs, but if that hard driving mixed breed gets killed it is allmost impossible to replace, It is a personal choice, but we do not choose to reinvent the wheel over and over trying to replace a lost cross bred dog.l

In contrast is less difficult to replace a registered replacement dog out of a similar blood line related dogs.

Registered blood lines of dogs have similar genetic characteristics which they pass forward to new litters of puppies who have similar looks, persoanlity, drive, grit and behaviors..

Dogs with a similar genetic history are more of a known quality from which a buyer can locate another very similar hunting dog.




"Bear" is a beautiful very gritty hog dog but he is a one of a kind fine dog... 3/4 mountin cur & 1/4 dogobut there is only one "Bear"  dog. 

"Big Joe" is a registered Catahola.  His genetic blood lines go back literally 100yea rs. Joe is a copy of his sire Bosco. 


                Why Does Rancho Santiago Prefer Registered Catahoulas? 

There are some wonderful cross bred hog dogs that are great workers and please the eye.  We have owned and hunted some of these unique dogs. Good mixed breed dogs are almost impossible to replace because of the wide variance in their genetics.

The fact is that when a great mixed blood working dog gets killed in the line of duty or otherwise it is almost impossible to replace that cur dog with a dog much like the mixed breed that was lost.

Rancho Santiago's registered Cataholas allow consistency and predictability for a person to locate a replacement  dog of close genetic blood lines, similar personality, similar looks, similar temperment, similar intelligence, similar athletic abilities. 



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