Betsy saves the day!

Lanette,  We are so proud that this really better mule gal is in your competent hands.  What an adventure! Many folks do not understand that a truly quality mule can be the difference in life or death. 
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Just came back from a carriage drive along the ditch bank in Carlsbad.  My friend took his pair mules hitched to a flat bed.  On our way back to his barn some kind of insect (he just got a glimpse of something)flew down the right ear of Sally's ear.  She went berserk. After some violent thrashing and rearing my friend got the pair stop in the intersection of Muscatel and Orchard road. 

The reins were all messed around and hooked on the oppositeheads and hames. Cars were stopped and my friend desperately needed another set of hands and it looked as if things might just blow out of control again if we didn't get the pressure off their mouths.  I got out ofmy cart and hooked the reins around the seat.  We got the reins off the wrong head and hame and everyone straightened out.   

I went back to Betsy who was standing calmly and absolutely motionless.  Man, I love that mule!


 She really looks good right now too.  She been driven regularly both in a team and singly and she can go 4 hours on a challenging wagon train and come back dry. Hope you are doing well. 


LaNette I.

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