How to Purchase your Mule from Rancho Santiago

Rancho Santiago makes every effort to match the right mule with the right person. Our goal is to have happy owners partnered up with happy mules. Contact us if you have an interest in one of our top quality trail, riding, driving or show mules. Let us know what type of mule you are looking for because we also locate special order mules for individuals.

We urge you as a prospective buyer to come to the ranch before purchase so that you can experience the mule first hand. A personal visit gives us time to coach a prospective buyer about a mule. We strive to accurately communicate through pictures and biographies a clear understanding of the mules strengths and weaknesses, but nothing is better than a on site experience. Some mules have a difficult time adjusting to a new owner/environment, so we are available after the sale to coach you, answer questions and assist you in forming a bond or "join up" with your new mule.

Because we have no control over what happens to a mule once it leaves the ranch, all sales are final when the mule leaves the ranch gate or when money exchanges hands. We want you to experience the mule first hand before purchase because once the mule is purchased or departs the ranch there is no return, guarantee or warranty.

We invite you to stay as our guest at the ranch. Our ranch is located 60 miles east of Lubbock, Texas near highway 82 as the road passes through Dickens, Texas. We pick up and return visitors from the Lubbock International Airport. 


If you cannot come to the ranch, we will utilize the phone, email, and pictures to provide as much information to you as possible about the mule you have chosen.  Over 2/3 of our mules are sold with the buyer making a visit to the ranch to ride the mule because of distance or other problems.  98.5% of the buyers are very happy.

Soundness evaluation by the veterinarian is at the buyer's expense. We are glad to put in the time and mileage required to have the soundness examination, but we ask that the buyer pay the veterinarian fee.


Payment terms:

  • - 10 days after the purchase of the mule there is a $10.00 per day feed & board fee until the mule leaves the ranch. This gives the buyer time to arrange for transportation and have their new mule removed from Rancho Santiago.
  • - Payment in full by cashier's check or cash is required before the mule leaves the ranch.
  • - 1/2 forfeit deposit is required to hold the mule, with the balance due within 3 months. Board and feed is $10.00 per day from the time of deposit until the mule leaves the ranch.
  • - The price of the mule does not include transportation. We will be glad to suggest competent mule transportation companies to the buyer. The transportation arrangements, time frame, cost, and payment arrangements is between the buyer of the mule and the transportation people.
  • Transportation/health papers from Veterinarian for mules crossing state lines are a buyer's expense ... usually around $35.00. 


Rancho Santiago provides the owner with:


  • - Current Negative Coggins Test- Current Deworming
  • - Bill of Sale

After your new mule is at home, give it a week or more to adjust to its new world, and then begin your adventure riding.

We want you to be happy with your new mule and offer continuing communication after the sale about the mule, as well as advice to the new owner for as long as you have questions. We look forward to receiving your pictures and sharing in your mule adventures!


Transport you mule yourself or we suggest you check out the web, ask folks at horse facilities for leads, and look for reputable horse and mule transporters in equine publications.

We will help coordinate the transportation pickup at the ranch. We make sure that your mule is placed safely onto the transport in excellent shape for the trip to your facilities. A bill of sale, valid negative coggins test report, and a recent health/transportation report by a veterinarian comes with the mule.

***Make sure that the transporter has liability insurance on the animals being transported not just auto liability, but transport liability insurance in case of damage to your mule in transit. Rancho Santiago does not endorse any equine transporter.

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