Around the Ranch

Rancho Santiago was recently visited by a big time ranching family from central Mexico. Miguel Amescua really enjoyed our fine mules.
Texas blesses us with sunsets to behold, reminding us of family times old.
The Rancho Santiago logo denotes our pride of being Texans and lovers of mules.
The ranch has been in crisis concerning water for months. God Blessed us and said "let there be water". A 50-gallon-per-minute well struck at the depth of 24 feet has moistened us up.
This pair of Mississippi Kites have returned to the apricot orchard for the 5th year in a row to nest. When the chicks hatch they will dive bomb us and knock off hats.
We bought this cast iron mule head at the Ada, Oklahoma mule sale. Our mules heads seem of cast iron on occasion and then we work them out of it. Looks pretty good on top of the loading chute post.
Front Porch of the office and saddle/harness room.
Inside the office - saddle room.
Some of the big boys' (exhibition mule teams) harness
View from granddad's desk ... pictures of triumphs, hard times, and good friends
Andy would come in the barn, sit in a chair, eat peanuts, drink a diet Pepsi, and play Willie Nelson tapes if we would just let him.
At Rancho Santiago we have chosen to restore our 75 year old barns rather than tear down the weathered gray seasoned wood exteriors in exchange for the bright metal slick look. It took a lot of work to rebuild and reinforce the interiors but the results please the eye. It gives us the Colorado mountain look and feel right here in Texas. With help like Bob and ranch dog Blanco just how long could it take?
A real long time :-)
Rebuilding the old barn saved the old grey tough wood that looks so good.
No floors or roof presented some problems on the barn restoration.
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