Buyers and their Pups

"Get Behind" cowboy command to Rancho Santiago working Catahoulas



Rancho Santiago is very proud to have several of our great Catahoulas working cattle for Clint McCloy.  Clint is an excellent professional mule & horse trainer & working cowboy.  

Clint trains ropeing horses for competition at the top levels for amature and professional ropers.  He uses Rancho Santiago Catahoulas to herd, work and catch wild cattle. 

In the picture above, behind Clint's shoulder, you can see his working Cathoulas that have been given the command "Get Behind" to follow his horse to the cattle to go to work.  

Thanks for the picture Clint. 



Josh, Nikki, Kyleigh, Brynleigh: "Madly in love with Zeus!!!!!!"







Well we are officially settled and madly in love with our big boy Zeus!!!!!!!! He is so perfect for us!!! We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate you and doing business with you! 
Josh, nikki,kyleigh, brynleigh,and Zeus!!!!!! 



Rowan family,
Sure did enjoy your visit at the ranch when you picked up Zeus. 
Great pictures of a happy family pup…. 
many thanks…. you all are up on the web site under buyers & their pups.
Jim & Maria

Bryant family, Texas. Super family with their very special Rancho Santiago Pup, "Nola"


The Rancho Santiago Crew is especially proud to have this exceptionally special  Elvis X Emma pup in the care and loving hands of the Bryant family.

"Nola" is and will be used with school children with special needs.  

"Nola" went to the school house where she played & had fun the second day she after she was in her new home. We are contiunally amazed at the rapid power of adjustment our pups have in a new environment and life. 

thank you.  

Dr. Jim & Maria



Cas and her gal Kayla






Happy matcher pair.... Kayla and Cas.





Cas is truly an amazing dog. She's so kind and sweet like her mother (Feliz). She smiles from ear to ear and shows all her teeth when she gets happy. Loves everyone she meets. She looks like her father (Elvis), well the same pattern but a little lighter than him. She is incredibly smart. Learned all of the basic tricks in about 5 minutes. We love sitting on the couch cuddling and watching tv. Taking rides on back roads. And of course she loves getting belly rubs and treats.




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