Buyers and their Pups

The white family & their 2 sister new white Rancho Santiago pups


Annie and I wanted to thank you, Maria and AnnDee for delivering 2 exceptional puppies.  It was worth the wait and we are so pleased with both dogs.  They have bonded quickly with us (or as I should say “they have adopted us”).

They have done well sleeping in a create and they did extremely well walking for the first time on a leash.  Emma and Gypsy are inseparable.  They are like two magnets running the backyard and they do run a lot.  We are glad we made the decision to get 2 sisters as the adjustment for them has been quick since they have the comfort of each other.  It would not have been possible without your good grace to allow us to have Gypsy and for your amazing decision to retain both females for Rancho.  We are blessed and we want to thank you for those decisions.  


I know you get a lot of photos from placed puppies, but I’ll forward a few.  We have a Vet appointment tomorrow to make sure Gypsy and Emma get any additional shots and schedule future vaccinations.


Lee & Annie


From: James A Gamble <
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2019 3:48 PM
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Lee & Annie 

From time to time we have the honor to place our pups into

a very special experienced caring home. Huge thank you from

out hearts.

Jim & Maria & AnnDee

Hog hunting... family loving "YOU DON'T FIND DOGS LIKE THIS ANYMORE".


A best of Catahoulas "Trigger" with his niece at Christmas.   


We have had a dog from your Rancho Santiago on our ranch for 12 years now and thought your customers needed to know that my wife had surgery a few days ago and when I go to change her bandage our big bad pig dog lays at her feet and makes sure I don't hurt her and I have to call him twice to get him to go with me to the barn to feed I think he knows things are different. You don't find dogs like that anymore. Tell Bonnie and Bosco thanks

From: Mike k.
Date: 11/04/2018 (05:55:30 PM PST)


Mike and Lynice,

We really appreciate the good news about your loyal protective 12 year old Rancho Santiago Catahoula pup.  

Maria and I are constantly amazed and proud of our Rancho Santiago Catahoulas dedication and protection of their families.  

I know your dog & you are not kiddin that he is a big bad gritty hog hunting Catahoula.... but 

he is a family Catahoula first and foremost. 

Keep up the blessed healing.  Prayers.

Dr. Jimbo & The Maria


Zeus loved & loving "Great Boy"



WOW….. what a beautiful family with a beautiful Catahoula.  I so enjoyed wisiting with you at the ranch,

We are blessed and proud that Zeus lives with the Rowans. 

Many thanks, 

Jim and Maria

Rancho Santiago Catahoulas


Jim you are the best!!!! We love Zeus so much and he is such a great boy! Here is an updated photo! He is superb with our little girls and loves us as much as we love him. I sincerely hope you are healing from your family’s tragedy and pray for quick healing for you all! God bless you, and have a great week! 

Nikki josh Brynleigh and Kyleigh 


"Get Behind" cowboy command to Rancho Santiago working Catahoulas



Rancho Santiago is very proud to have several of our great Catahoulas working cattle for Clint McCloy.  Clint is an excellent professional mule & horse trainer & working cowboy.  

Clint trains ropeing horses for competition at the top levels for amature and professional ropers.  He uses Rancho Santiago Catahoulas to herd, work and catch wild cattle. 

In the picture above, behind Clint's shoulder, you can see his working Cathoulas that have been given the command "Get Behind" to follow his horse to the cattle to go to work.  

Thanks for the picture Clint. 



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