Buyers and their Pups

Bryant family, Texas. Super family with their very special Rancho Santiago Pup, "Nola"


The Rancho Santiago Crew is especially proud to have this exceptionally special  Elvis X Emma pup in the care and loving hands of the Bryant family.

"Nola" is and will be used with school children with special needs.  

"Nola" went to the school house where she played & had fun the second day she after she was in her new home. We are contiunally amazed at the rapid power of adjustment our pups have in a new environment and life. 

thank you.  

Dr. Jim & Maria



Cas and her gal Kayla






Happy matcher pair.... Kayla and Cas.





Cas is truly an amazing dog. She's so kind and sweet like her mother (Feliz). She smiles from ear to ear and shows all her teeth when she gets happy. Loves everyone she meets. She looks like her father (Elvis), well the same pattern but a little lighter than him. She is incredibly smart. Learned all of the basic tricks in about 5 minutes. We love sitting on the couch cuddling and watching tv. Taking rides on back roads. And of course she loves getting belly rubs and treats.




Elvis X "Emma" pup working tracks in the Illinois woods.

Troy G. and his Elvis X Emma pup in the woods in Illonois.  Troy is training his Rancho Santiago Catahoula pup to blood trail wounded game.  His pups is young but catching on to his work. 

Troy says "he will make a good tracking dog and he is a special pup at our home".




Rancho Santiago Catahoula "Smoke" loved in California



Hi Garrett, 
The pictures you shared of “Smoke” are great.  We burst out in a big smile of pride when we saw the conformation and foundation bred head of your magnificent “Smoke” Rancho Santiago Catahoula.  What a build and top of the breed Catahoula!
Rancho Santiago has also kept a male and female from different litters of Elvis X Feliz to consider as future breeders for our ranch Catahoula program.  As is your Smoke, they are the best of Catahoulas in our opinion. 
I have been in communication with the breeder of Feliz.  There was some mix up with the NALC on the registration of Feliz.  Both of Feliz’s parents are registered Catahoulas. The breeder of Feliz is going back to the beginning by again registering her litter with the NALC. We are assured that her registration paper is forth coming. 
Wating for these papers has been too long for you and too long for us… but important paper work stuff will happen we are assured… and must be straightened out. 
We appreciate your patience and contact.  We hope for a quick resolution of their mix up.
At Rancho Santiago 
note: Smoke is working rough stock longhorns in California and earns her living. 
Just checkin in to see if you got papers on her mama feliz yet? Smoke is doing great. 
She loves our 2 year old boy and tries to eat the nose my longhorn robin cows!!! 

 We love her out here in Ca!

Sounds great! Thank you for the response! She is a beautiful, intense, loyal girl!






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