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Rancho Santiago Catahoula "Smoke" loved in California

Jan 10 2017



Hi Garrett, 
The pictures you shared of “Smoke” are great.  We burst out in a big smile of pride when we saw the conformation and foundation bred head of your magnificent “Smoke” Rancho Santiago Catahoula.  What a build and top of the breed Catahoula!
Rancho Santiago has also kept a male and female from different litters of Elvis X Feliz to consider as future breeders for our ranch Catahoula program.  As is your Smoke, they are the best of Catahoulas in our opinion. 
I have been in communication with the breeder of Feliz.  There was some mix up with the NALC on the registration of Feliz.  Both of Feliz’s parents are registered Catahoulas. The breeder of Feliz is going back to the beginning by again registering her litter with the NALC. We are assured that her registration paper is forth coming. 
Wating for these papers has been too long for you and too long for us… but important paper work stuff will happen we are assured… and must be straightened out. 
We appreciate your patience and contact.  We hope for a quick resolution of their mix up.
At Rancho Santiago 
note: Smoke is working rough stock longhorns in California and earns her living. 
Just checkin in to see if you got papers on her mama feliz yet? Smoke is doing great. 
She loves our 2 year old boy and tries to eat the nose my longhorn robin cows!!! 

 We love her out here in Ca!

Sounds great! Thank you for the response! She is a beautiful, intense, loyal girl!






"Smiling" Catahoula pup greets visitors at Oregon ranch

Jan 6 2017



Hi Doc Jim. I just had to send I this pic of our Rancho Santiago,TX bred Catahoula, Griffin.  

Anyone who comes to our ranch is greeted with THIS smile!  He really is smiling- but we don't tell strangers this is his "happy face!"  

My barn girl took this picture last week. Her brother was new to our ranch n refused to get out of the pick up!  I see a couple of pups that would fit right in here.

I'm very tempted to visit TX. 



January 6, 2017

Hi Toni, 
WOW… now that is the smile of smiles…. I would not get out of the truck either. 
We will have more pups and have a few 1/2 grown fine pups for sale. You 
are always welcome to visit TX and the rancho. 
Of course, I have not noticed any of our pups with such a fetching smile. 
Many thanks for sharing, 
Waggin Puppy Tails 
Dr. Jim




"Hula Girl" son's best friend

Dec 10 2016


Just thought I would share this with you guys,

We are loving "Hula Girl",

She is my son Rocky's best friend.



We broke out in a big smile when we received this picture of one of our great 2015 pups out of Bosco X Feet.  After all of these years we are still amazed by how our Catahoulas can be so gritty and courageous on the hunt and also serve as gentle, loyal, loving, caring protectors of "their" children and famalies. 

Dr. Jim 







Dr. Karen & her prospective therapy Catahoula

Nov 15 2016














Dr. Karen, of San Antonio, Texas, has a natural great trusting calming easy going relationship with animals and especially with Catahoulas.  All of the Rancho Santiago Catahoula pups, hunters and breeders were instantly happy and trusting with Karen.

Karen and #5 female pup out of the 7-20-16 Elvis X Emma litter picked each other.  The plan is to help #5 grow, develop and train into a service - therapy dog to help clients in her counseling work with all ages of folks.

Talk about an instant bond and trust... the next morning after going to her new home this Rancho Santaigo kennel raised pup went jogging with her new person !

We are thrilled that this special pup is with this special person. 

Dr. Jim and Maria




Today - third day on leash. We jogged this morning 2.5 hours!! She stayed behind or beside me. Balked one or two times and we worked it out....gently but firm
This afternoon I came home to walk her.
She balked a lot but I stayed firm and calm. She got it and we went to dog park here. She was so good! She jogged around again with me in the park with no leash and watched a young Springer spaniel go for the ball and bring it back to its owner. Then she joined in a little bit and play with the other dog. When it was time to go at least you're up and when she tried to block I didn't need to do anything but gently touch the leash and she followed me.
I'm trying to send you a video but it won't go through it was this morning jogging 
I learned so much from you! Thank you because I'm using everything you told me and from the books I'm listening to.
Please Note this pup had never been on lead or a leash as of 11-14-16.  We are proud of Karen and super proud of her Rancho Santiago pup's intelligence, flexibiliity and trainability.  

Dr. Jim 



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