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"Ruger" happy in North New Mexico

Sep 14 2016

David and son. Great Northern New Mexico folks.  

     "Ruger"  growing fast

Go figure!  Ruger and his best buddy the cat.



HI David and family, 
A smile burst out across my face and a nice chuckle of joy came out as I enjoyed your pictures. 
We are elated that Ruger is a great addition to your family. 
thank you for sharing, 
Waggin Happy Puppy Tails 
Dr. Jim 

Dr. Jim,

Thought I would send some pictures and let you know that Ruger is not only getting big!!....but also overall just a great dog that has brought a lot of joy and happiness to our family.  Ruger and our kitten play more than he and our terrier! 


Thanks once again.


David C.  


Do Rancho Santiago Catahoula Pups "Join Up" with their new family & kids quickly... YES!

Sep 6 2016


RANCHO SANTIAGO PUP #5 now named "Ranger"

& his new kid named "Addie" achieved "join up" (bonded) in 1 DAY !


The baby's name is Addie, she is so happy with her new puppy, Ranger. The two spend the day running circles around the house that is filled with the sounds of running feet (and paws) as well as toddler laugher.

Ranger is the perfect addition and is already getting himself potty trained very quickly.

His intelligence and kindness towards our daughters proves everything you said about your Catahoulas.

We could not be happier. 



Baby Addie's mom descirbes these two as "inseperable".  (note the little smile on the baby's face as she walks along with her new pup following).

Rancho Santiago is again very proud of our pup"s inbred natural "join up" allegience to his new family, parents and kid.  This #5 pup out of a Elvis X Fleet litter was picked up at the ranch on Saturday 9-3-16.  These pictures were taken on the same day 9-3-16.  

Although this pup had never been in a house in his life, he was at peace with "his" new baby girl and "his" new home. 

Dr. Jim 

Rancho Santiago Catahoulas


===============================   FYI are you interested in a dog for the kids??????????


"Do Rancho Santiago Catahoulas make good family and kid dogs?"  



Hi Jim – 

Wanted to get some additional info and some input from you. 


We are relocating to _______ ______, TX next summer.  We have 90 acres and like much of Texas, a hog issue.  We have an 8 year old son and are looking for a good family companion, but also a dog who will alert/ protect him, in the event that they run afoul of a hog.  Of course, we will educate our son of the dos and don’ts, but I will feel a lot better with him having a good dog, to accompany him down by the river.  From what I have read, Catahoulas fit the bill and have a lot of the traits we are interested in – intelligence, fairly easy to socialize, short hair (for burrs and other natural wonders…not to mention heat), etc.  Would you agree with this thought process?


DR. JIM's RESPONSE: " YES, WE AGREE 100% WITH YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS!  YOU ARE VERY CLEAR ON WHAT TYPE OF PUP YOU SEEK. A CATAHOULA PUP OUT OF OUR LINE OF CATAHOULAS DEFINITELY SHOULD HAVE THE TRAITS IN YOU SEEK!" Of course, each individual pup has its individual personality It is our experience that individually chosen pups from our blood line of Catahoulas exactly fits your needs. 






2 Catahoula Pups Home Safe to California

Aug 25 2016




Rocco barked at a rattlesnake that was outside our back door...saved me from being bit for sure!! Already a champion!  We just love them. Ivy tries to be the dominant one but Rocco is on to her tricks. She is very curious and leads the way in trouble. Rocco is the brains though.
Thanks so much.
Will always recommend your pups!

Megan & family, 

Thank you for sharing this great news that the pups are doing their Catahoula job even as puppy youngsters to protect your family.

We are proud to have 2 of our great pups in your care and that they even as pups they are taking care of you!

If you have time, please send some more photos of your Rancho Santiago pups and the family.

Dr. Jim

and the ranch crew






Maegan C. from California sent us this picture of their 2 new Elvis X Fleet pups entitled "home safe... full bellies and nap time".  

Super quality pups to an excellent family with two boys for playing.  Good dogs to a good family. 




"Stone" passed Therapy Dog International Examination

Aug 23 2016




Hi Dr. Jim:

I wanted to resend my message. I am not sure if the original made it to you or landed in your spam account. Please share this testimony on your dogs and let all potential buyers know how wonderful Rancho Santiago Catahoulas are. I was sad to read the post about the irresponsible breeder but we want all potential Catahoula owners to know they will not be one bit disappointed in a pup from your ranch. We hope you are doing well and will continue to update you on Stone's Therapy dog work.


Thank you!

Joel and Tracie P.

Painesville, Ohio



Hi Dr. Jim:

It has been a while since we have contacted you, and we wanted to share some news on Stone (Clyde X Blue Eyes). He just turned a year and seven months on May 14th, and on Sunday May 15, 2016, we took the Therapy Dog International exam. It was a tough exam and required superior obedience and concentration. Stone endured the two hour exam and he passed! This is just a testimony on how obedient and even tempered Rancho Santiago Catahoulas are. He was the youngest dog to be evaluated and the evaluator commended me on how obedient Stone is and was for his test. We are very proud of him and know that he will continue to have many adventures in his future. He is 62 pounds of pure muscle and loves to run and hike. He has been an amazing family dog and I am looking forward to working with him as he begins his therapy dog career. We hope everyone at Rancho Santiago is doing well and we will be in touch in the future.

 Many Thanks from Ohio!

Joel, Tracie and Stone Percival


note from Dr. Jim and Rancho Santiago Catahoula staff:

We are justly proud of our intelligent strong obedient line of gritty Catahoula dogs. 

We are EXTREMELY proud and thankful that our "Stone" pup is living with the excellent dog lovers / trainers communicators the Percivals. 

Dr. Jim 


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