Buyers and their Pups

More News from Lisa & Mavis

Hi James!!!

Mavis is doing GREAT! She is huge now! We completed a puppy obedience class at Petsmart. My roomate has a 4 year old .German Shepherd and they love to play together. I take her back home to AZ with me all the time and she is such a good traveler, just sleeps on the front seat! She loves to go hiking and loves the horses! Hope all is well with you!!!


Charlie and his Pups

Charlie is a neighboring ranch foreman has 3 Rancho Santiago Catahoulas.

The Hester Kids and Katie

The Hester kids at home with their "Katie"

News from Lisa and Mavis


Hey there!!!

Mavis is doing great!!! Took her to the vet last week and got her rabies and booster.. I'm in Casa Grande, AZ for the weekend and she slept most of the way. She just lays next to me or in the front seat. So she's doing well!!!! Hope all is well for y'all!



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