Buyers and their Pups

News from Bill, Dana, and Phoebe

Aug 28 2007

Bill Miller and his daughter, Dana, shared this picture of Phoebe their 18 week old Rancho Santiago Catahoula pup (Bosco X Emma).



Dana named half face Phoebe. She has also taken her out swimming for extended periods over deep water, thus the life jacket. Phoebe is a quiet but very watchful dog. She's really easy to be around and friendly to all. She notices, and alarms on, anything that is out of place.


Pup with David

Aug 18 2007
This fine Rancho Santiago Catahoula puppy is one of two pups living with David and his family near Albuquerque, New Mexico. David's Dad is a professional hunting guide.

Pup and Tim

Jul 7 2007
This fine pup resides with Tim near Caldwell, Texas. At 15 weeks of age this pup sure got the folk's attention as he bayed a big hog at a meet. Folks ask him where in the world his new pup was raised. Tim is very involved in boar hunting.

Two Pups with Josh and Misty

Jun 5 2007
Two fine Rancho Santiago Catahoula pups are living with Josh and Misty, fine folks near Show Low, Arizona. They are involved in hunting and cattle ranching.
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