Buyers and their Pups

Fun family all the way from Pensacola, FL to Rancho Santiago

Mar 24 2016

Ryan Mc, lovely wife and fun bunch of well behaved kids made the 2 day journey from Florida to get their long awaited super puppy.  This lucky pup will never lack for kids to play with.

It is always a bonus to meet a good family with kids raised right with manners that are free to laugh.

Dr. Jim  

Good Folks from Nevada

Dec 21 2015


4-19-16 post

Dr. Gamble,

We just wanted to thank you for this incredible Catahoula girl!  We named her Osa. She was amazing all the way home even with the shock of a bunch of firsts for her like riding in a car for a thousand miles, staying in a hotel room, elevators and stairwells. She is adjusting quickly to life off the ranch, but I know she misses her sister, brother, as well as all the rest of her companions. 
You are extremely lucky to have a professional like Mr. Kautz with you at the ranch. He was an extremely nice man and you can tell he loves what he does.  Please thank him again and for meeting us, taking us out to the property and giving us his time on a Sunday. 
One question for you. When we take her into the veterinarian what should we let him know about what shots have been given and any other pertinent information you think they should know?
Thank you again for everything!  Amee and I truly appreciate you allowing us to have one of your amazing Catahoula's. We will keep you updated from time to time and send you pictures of Osa.
We hope you and your entire family have a Merry Christmas and and a Happy New Year!
Craig & Amee




Craig and Amee came all the way from Nevada to pick out their new Big Joe X Feliz pup at Rancho Santiago.  We are really pleased to have this last of the Big Joe top of the breed pups in the good care of Craig and Amee. 

Waggin Puppy Tails, 

Jim, Maria and Bobby

"Josie" living in Texas with Mike & Nancy

Dec 16 2015


Mike is a very knowledgeable experienced Catahoula man.  He has been around this great breed all of his life hunting and working his Catahoulas.

We have several of our Rancho Santiago fine Catahoulas in his and Nancy's care and training.  

Pictured is Mike with his newest acquisition "Josie" who is out of Big Joe X Feliz.  This pup has the exception build and happy personality of our blood line of Catahoulas plus grit.

Josie is one of the last of Big Joe's pups.  Wild hog hunting is a dangerous undertaking.  Joe is deceased. 

We are proud and plesed that Josie is in MIke and Nancy's loving care.

Dr. JIm 

News from "Pancho" living with his ranch family in south Texas

Dec 1 2015

Pancho first solo track!

Had a client shoot this mature buck tonight. Pretty long and tough track through some thick brush. He kept going back to the same spot, and I didn't trust him. Shame on me. He finally walked me over to the buck!

Pancho is a great dog, calm demeanor, great with kids, but when it comes time to work he sure does good. Really happy with our dog.


Thanks Dr Gamble


Trent Leon


I will send you another pic.






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