Buyers and their Pups

"Josie" living in Texas with Mike & Nancy



Mike is a very knowledgeable experienced Catahoula man.  He has been around this great breed all of his life hunting and working his Catahoulas.

We have several of our Rancho Santiago fine Catahoulas in his and Nancy's care and training.  

Pictured is Mike with his newest acquisition "Josie" who is out of Big Joe X Feliz.  This pup has the exception build and happy personality of our blood line of Catahoulas plus grit.

Josie is one of the last of Big Joe's pups.  Wild hog hunting is a dangerous undertaking.  Joe is deceased. 

We are proud and plesed that Josie is in MIke and Nancy's loving care.

Dr. JIm 

News from "Pancho" living with his ranch family in south Texas

Pancho first solo track!

Had a client shoot this mature buck tonight. Pretty long and tough track through some thick brush. He kept going back to the same spot, and I didn't trust him. Shame on me. He finally walked me over to the buck!

Pancho is a great dog, calm demeanor, great with kids, but when it comes time to work he sure does good. Really happy with our dog.


Thanks Dr Gamble


Trent Leon


I will send you another pic.






Heart broken over the loss of Ally





Dear Friends, 
We greatly appreciate your caring so much about our recently deceased “Ally”.  She was a beauty.
We rejoice at the progress of your Catahouas Rooster and Tilly. 
Our contact phone numbers are attached. 
Jim and The Maria 


Mike &Nancy sent a message using the contact form at
Dr. Jim, Well I don't know where to start I was checking the ranch site
last night and we are just heart broke about Ally. I know y'all are as
well,we (especially me) was hoping for a Ally pup so bad. I liked her she
was the best Catahoula bitch I ever saw. I know she will be missed!!!!
Well I am a little lost now so I think I will trust your judgement &
expertise about your dogs on my choosing of pups. I lost all my contact #
will you call when your schedule is good for you I have some questions
about the Clyde x Fleet cross. On a good note Rooster &Tilly are making the
BEST ALL AROUND RANCH DOGS!!!!! nothing comes on the place unannounced.....
They are instant DEATH on Coyotes & varmets. When I am on the road gone I
don't get worried about Nancy they are right there with her. Sometimes I
think she loves them more than Me!! Please give Everone at Rancho Santiago
our best wishes, once again we are so sorry, Mike & Nancy




"Stone" HAPPY BIRTHDAY. CLYDE X BLUE EYES pup….. a healthy best of family Catahuolas!


Hi Dr. Jim:

We hope this message finds you and all of Rancho Santiago doing well. Since yesterday was Stone's (Clyde X Blue Eyes) first birthday I wanted to send you a quick message and some new photos. I can't even begin to describe what an amazing dog Stone is. We are enjoying him so much. He loves being outside and going on our daily hikes. He is an amazing family dog, a protector, and a great companion with our horses. I get compliments on how beautiful he is all the time. He is extremely well mannered and very loving. Whenever someone asks, I let them know that Rancho Santiago catahoulas are undeniably well bred dogs! We feel truly blessed to have found your dogs and want others to know what a blessing having Stone in our family has been and will continue to be. Thank you for being such an amazing breeder.

Tracie and Joel Percival



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