Buyers and their Pups

Nikki and Kain up North





Wow Nikiki, 

Great pictures of you and Kain. 
Thank you for sharing… we will share them with other folks on the web site. 
Waggin BIG Puppy Tail 
Dr. Jim


Hi doctor Jim just an update and a thank you. Kain is growing so fast 36 pounds very tall at 4.5 months. Lots of energy very sweet and good natured. Crate issues are resolving and she is learning her place slowly but surely. Thank you again for a beautiful pup and your help. All my best Nikki




kimberly's Rancho Santiago's Pup

Who da heck are you?                               Back off Buck Wheat!                 Peace... let's snooze.

 KImberly L.'s new Rancho Santiago Catahoula 8 week old pup, "Adelle" can hold her own with these very big guys.  

To quote a gal's recent statement about the grit these pups have naturally "... these pups are a freakin force of nature".

Dr. Jim 

bosco X Fleet Pup home in California after great 17 hour trip





Great pictures of the ladies of leisure.  

What fun!

Thankyou for sharing,

Jim & Maria


 Thought you would get a kick out of this. My pig dog is being corrupted by the ladies. LIFE OF LEISURE. haha 

Bosco X Fleet Pup home in California after great 17 hour trip






You had a long wait until the right pup arrived for you.  I truly respect and value your working with us in total gentleman’s manners of good faith through the long wait to get your special pup. That kind of mutual respect and kindness is unfortunately becoming more rare these days. 

It was our pleasure to visit with you and daughter, Shea.  Always a reward to meet good folks. 

Laugh and be well also.

Waggin Puppy Tails 

Jim & Maria


Just got home Doc. I must say, it was well worth the wait. Not only for the pup. Also to meet you and Maria.  Myself and Shea really enjoyed our visit with you all. We did a 17 hour push the first day and made it from Lubbock to Bakersfield. The pup was unreal!!! Never made a peep.  

What a great personality she has. Just how you described her. Athletic, intelligent ball of energy!

She took to our other hound like they have known each other for ever. Thanks again I will certainly keep in touch.

Be well.



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