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                      "Adelle" holds her own... no back down. 




I literly laughed out loud with a smile of joy as I opened your wonderful picture of “Adelle” and her big brother.
It was fun seeing our Bosco X Fleet pup pick you out as her person.  You looked at other good pups, but "Adelle" would not leave you alone until you picked her out.   
Many thanks for sharing.  We really appreciate it.
Waggin Puppy Tails and big black puppy tails,
Dr. Jim 


Adelle and her big brother 

"Gunner is an amazing family dog"


As we say at Rancho Santiago, our Catahoulas love their family and will protect themselves, their property, their people and their kids.  

This 8 month old, sixty seven pound, "Gunner" pup is laying down the LAW to an intruder. 




Hi Jon and family,
We greatly appreciate the up date on “Gunner”.
These are great pictures of  your Clyde X Blue Eyes puppy.
We will share your opinions, experiences and pictures with the Catahoula world via the ranch web site. 
Many thanks. 
Waggin Puppy Tails 
Dr. Jim 


Dr. Gamble,
It's been about 8 months since Gunner was born and I couldn't be more impressed with the line of Catahoulas you've developed.  Gunner is an amazing family dog and has become best friends with my son (7) and my daughter (5).  His natural hunting instinct is remarkable and has taken very little effort to develop.  I weighed him last week and he tipped the scale at 67 lbs!  This dude is a beast and is solid muscle.  He has the perfect head, a deep chest and broad shoulders.  I attached a few pics.  Some are a few months old and the one of him on the other side of the door is recent.  I can't thank you enough for your dedication to your dog's and what it has done for me and my family.
Jon LaBorde




Herbert Armand ("Bear") playing

Ashley's "Bear" puppy playing kill the hog with big sleepy catahoula




we have to learn how to get this wonderful video on this site.... help... Jg




Ashley G and good friend pick up her Rancho Santiago Bosco X Feliz pup.


"Our farm's Greatest dog we have ever owned- that is saying a LOT!"













Hi Toni and family, 

We remember you good folks and your pup. We would love to have another of our Catahoulas in your care. 

The Elvis X Blue Eyes litter is sold out.  The Bosco X Fleet Litter of 4 females may or may not be taken by the “next litter” reservation buyers... 4 nice leopard females. 

However, we have other litters coming fairly soon.  Big Joe (son of Bosco) X Julia and maybe our Ally conceived to Elvis (a long shot situation).

When you know you want a pup the sooner your payment arrives the earlier your choice from a litter by date of payment will secure your place on the puppy reservation list.

You saying this is the “Greatest dog we ever owned-that is saying a LOT!” brings smiles to our faces.  As you know we take great pride in the quality of our wonderful Catahoulas. 

Waggin Puppy Tails 

Dr. Jim


Toni Petersen sent a message using the contact form at



Toni Petersen here with Griffin the Great Catahoula from Oregon- looking at

pups on your page, Griffin was a #4 pup- I see you have a litter posted

with  #4 female- is she available?  How about the 4 female pups just born-

what color are they?

We re toying w another great Rancho Santiago Catahoula to add to our farm-

Greatest dog we have ever owned- that is saying a LOT!


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