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Lost our female Catahoula. Great web site.

Feb 20 2015


      2-13-2015 litter out of Bosco X Feliz 



What a great website; you folks have some of the most beautiful catahoulas
ive ever seen.
Ive owned Catahoulas for 26 years and love the breed like my
own kin.
I recently lost my female "charlotte mae" and have a Catahoula male"amos moses" he is 5 years old.
My family owns a cow calf operation here in California and the dogs have plenty of work to do not to mention the big hogs that run around here.
My amos needs a pardner and I was wondering if you would have any pups for sale in the near future.
Thank you for your time and I look foreward to hearing from youall.
sincerely matt m.
Hi Mr. Matt, 
We share a deep respect and love of Catahoulas.  Our heart felt condolences on the loss of your charlotte mae.
You are in luck because right now we have a litter of 6 males and 4 females in the whelping house that are one week old today.  See attached pictures.
 All of our breeders and their line are from working Catahoulas… hunting, hog hunting, and cattle working. The sire is Bosco and the dam is Feliz. 
We have many of our top of the line Catahoulas in California and Idaho so we hope to have a great female in your care in the near future. 
If you want one of these pups, we want you to know that the order of choice from any litter is by date of receipt of a buyer’s deposit in the ranch office (payment suggestions attached).  The fastest way to get an early choice is make payment by electronic bank transfer… info attached. 
We appreciate your kind comments concerning our ranch web site.  We work on it every day.
Waggin Tails,
Dr. Jim 



I am 100 percent satisfied with this dog! 

Feb 12 2015










All right!

Thank you for such a fine dog. The other day at his13 week appointment he weighed 30 pounds.

He is the brightest puppy that I've ever had, and you want to talk about grit!!

I am 100 percent satisfied with this dog! 

Thank you sir!

Justin Whitewood

Lipan, Texas



Hi Mr. Justin and Suzanne,

It is always great news to find out buyers enjoy our line of Catahoulas as much as we value our Rancho Santiago top of the breed fine Catahoulas. 

Thank you for sharing your experience with your fine pup. We would really appreciate a few pictures when you have time. 

We are very pleased to have this fine Clyde X Blue Eyes pup in your experienced care.

Waggin Tails,

Dr. Jim 

Rancho Santiago Catahoulas 


"Bailey" a hot mess of blessed Catahoula.

Feb 11 2015



Howdy Mr. Chip and Anna Maria,

We are elated to hear the great news about your “Bailey” pup out of Clyde X Blue eyes.

We look forward to placing your pup pictures on the web site.

I will search for pictures of Anna Maria and her mule buddy.

Waggin Tails,

Dr. Jim Rancho

Santiago Catahoulas


Howdy Brother!

Darn, too bad I didn’t check email until today. I was actually out in Lubbock, yesterday and Monday. Hope this finds you well.

Words can’t express how much we are enjoying this hot mess of a Catahoula you blessed us with! I will need to send you some pictures, but to me (based on your pictures on the website I have seen) as she grows;

Bailey seems to look more and more like a female version of your Elvis. Her eyes seem to have pretty much stabled with the right one appearing to be blue/glass, and the left being Hazel/green. Her color is nothing short of gorgeous, and EVERYONE she meets falls in love with her instantly.

Yep, as Anna puts it “she takes cuteness to an all new level”. Speaking of pictures, by chance do you think you could burn some of those images you took of Anna and mules to disk or a jump drive for me? I am sure you got some awesome shots that I could have printed and framed.

Take care, and I hope to catch up with you soon.

Best Regards,


Made an old Catahoula dog man HAPPY

Jan 21 2015

Mike P sent a message using the contact form at

I just want to thank  Ranchosantago for the Cattie bitch and the GREAT pups we got from her breeding with Clyde.
You have made an old catahoula dog man HAPPY more than I can explain. These
are supper nice pups.
I have a little pig coming when the time is right to start baying outside the pen.
p.s. At 7 weeks they bark at Nancy's barn cat.
Yes, I am all smiles, we are looking forward to the Ally pup when Ally breeds.



Hi Mike and Nancy,

As you know we very rarely sell an adult aged Catahoula or do outside breeding for many reasons. Your breeding Cattie to our Clyde stud has produced some great puppies. 

Because you are an “old Catahoula man” with loads of Catahoula experience plus dog handling knowledge and Nancy has her great personal touch and experience with animals, we are very pleased to place our Rancho Santiago’s “Cattie” into you care. 

I have especially enjoyed visiting over hunting hogs with Catahoulas with you. You two are a lot of fun.

We are pleased that this great Bosco X Bonnie top of the breed bitch is in your all’s most capable hands. 

Waggin Tails,

Dr. Jim, Maria, Bobby. 

Rancho Santiago Catahoulas




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