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Sargent Matt & his new Rancho Santiago Pup in California


Thanks Mr James, hes turning out to be a great dog, already knows his name and is 15 lbs, not to mention he gets along great with my other male.

Oh yea, he got hs first wiff of a mountain lion 2 days ago when myself and my cousin Jake had our dogs out.The cat was I would say 150 lbs and healthy, he led our dogs on a run but shook them off.I guess that's why they call them catty.

Mr Bobby is an awesome man I felt like I had known him for a long time.You folks have been really nice to me and I wont forget this.

I plan on telling my dog friends of your wonderful dogs and Im seriously thinking about a mule.

I hope next time im that way I can stay a bit longer and get to visit with you and yours.

Thanks again you and Mr Bobby are true gentlemen and that's hard to come by these days.

Sincerely your friend, Matt Machet


Really appreciate the note.  What an adventure for a young pup.
Please send us a picture or you two for the web site. 



Dylan M & wife Morgan's second Rancho Santiago pup.





This fine pup is Dylan & Morgan's second Rancho Santiago Catahoula.  They come all the way down to Texas from Nantucket Island off the coast of Maine to get their pups.

These folks know how to train, nuture and grow pups into beautiful Catahoulas. Good Job!


These two are getting along better than we could have ever imagined. Freki (1st Rancho Santiago Pup) is the best big sister to Geri. Geri has been adjusting so quickly and so well.






Rancho Santiago Pup headed to Arizona.


Justin is a Big man with a  Big heart who took a  Big 12 hour one way trip from Lake Havasu, AZ to get his Rancho Santiago family - companion pup for his 4 year old daughter and himself.  Good guy who is great fun to visit. 

 Update; all the way home, no puking, three bathroom breaks requested, no accidents in the truck, very little whining, mostly slept.....however, he is not stoked on the kennel crate yet :)

It will just take him a few days to learn that is his house and his private personal home.... Dr. Jim 


8 week old pup update.




Update for 8 weeks....


Clearly he hates his kennel.  He whined for a night and a half and after that only when he needs to relieve himself.  Other than that he clearly enters as if it's his own.  He likes a nice little hard boiled egg or cheese treat.  And little bits of meat are ambrosia.  
He is mouthy.  A lot so.  He's stubborn, even annoyingly so, which is a family trait.  Good pup though and loved by all he has seen.  He has already been to the lake to swim.  While a little young, something tells me he had ancestors that survived such early adventures.  He is incredibly playful, already understands the fundamentals of fetch, but max of about 12 feet.  He has hunted and eaten three crickets and a bumble bee.  He also likes to eat scorpion weed....I cannot say his persistence on this delicacy is something I am fond of.  He loves pig ears and has a stuffed frog that if it had bones would rattle like a baby shaker....he grabs hold of that thing and choke holds and slams it with ferocity.  
Yes, Sir that pup is from generations of serious hunting Catahoulas!  Dr. Jim 




"Rooster" Clyde X Katy pup



Hi Mike and Nancy, 

It is fun to see your "Rooster" 12 week pup out of Clyde X Katy (Bosco X Bonnie) has developed into a top of the breed Catahoula. 

We are especially glad "Rooster" is with you two because of Mike's experience with Catahoulas and hog dogs and Nancy's experience and ability with all kinds of animals, especially fine dogs. 

We are proud of our line of Catahoulas and appeciate you giving folks the informaiton about our Catahoula web site.  Our best advertisements are the dogs and their happy owners. 

Thank you for the great picture and the news.

Many thanks, 

Dr. Jim and Maria 


Hi Dr. JIm,

This is "Rooster the pup that I kept out of Clyde X Katy.  He follows me outside every where I go.  Rooster is very intelligent.  Weighs 29 pounds at 12 weeks of age. 

Rooster goes with me to the feed store, sale barn and every where I go.  I get lots of compliments about him and people want him so I give them your web site.  I hope that is good with y'all. 

We thank you all so much again, 

Mike P.  

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