Sold Mules

News from Jason and Bar Tender


Jason B., an avid wild hog hunter and coon hunter, purchased "Bar Tender". Bar Tender sure likes the green grass and big trees in his new Oklahoma home. Bar Tender is a best of hunting mules. We are very glad to have this special mule with a good man.


Thanks Dr. Gamble for a great mule. Bar Tender loves the water in the hot weather. Also if I was to turn him out in a 2 acre Lot how hard would he be to catch? Does he come a running to a bucket of feed?? Thanks again for a good old hunting mule!! He's a good one!!

Thanks, Jason

News from Craig and Tupelo


I hope this letter finds you and your family well, just wanted to drop you a note to say Hi. I know you had been struggling with your health a bit.

Christy and I talk often of retuning to the ranch some day to purchase more mules, and to visit with you, Maria and Mama - we have fond memories of our trip to Rancho Santiago.

As we have mentioned in the past, Buck and Tupelo have proven to be EXCELLENT mules. Our oldest daughter - (11 yrs), rides Tupelo all over town, to friends, the store, the cafe and on and on. He packs a load deep in to the high county at a moments notice.

The longer we have Buck, the more we appreciate his abilities as a solid, very sure footed, no nonsense, extremely stong mule. We have learned to work with his very unique personality, and given a square deal, there is no more honest long ear I have seen. On a rutted up, slippery slope trail in the backcountry, he would be the first to carry my Grandmother, or my 3 year old daughter - SAFELY. He leads my string in to the high lonesome with authority and confidence. Christy already speaks of the large shoes that some mule will have to fill in the distant future, assuming Buck does not outlast me.

Say hi to the family for us please. I hope our paths cross again some day. All the best to you and yours,

Craig J.

News from Nancy and May Flower

Dr. Jim,

This is a picture of myself, May Flower and my husband Jeff and Forever Majestic "Xtra" his Arabian, riding with Best of America by Horseback in Alabama, May 2008. I believe May is trying to smile !!

Nancy C.

More News from Craig and Red River Willie


Had a great ride with Willie this weekend. Went into the PA game land and had a big adventure. Willie perfectly negotiated fallen trees, vines, brush and inclines. He doesn't shy at traffic but he still hates bridges where he can see the water going in one side and out the other.

Beer... well, he still loves beer... I don't fault him for that...

The attached pictures are to show you: how fattened up Willie has gotten on the PA grass; his beautiful summer slick coat; his good looks under saddle; and his speech to you saying, "Forget the Texas high desert... I love PA!!!"

Enjoy, Craig

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