Sold Mules

News from LaNette and Betsy

Lanett of Las Cruses, New Mexico with her new driving, riding, and packing mule, Rancho Santiago's Betsy. These two fine gals really hit it off great. LaNette is a member of the Llano Estacado Driving Club.


Hi Jim,

Betsy is adjusting very well to her new home. She is extremely friendly and prefers my company over her feed and the other equines. She watches me constantly whenever I'm outside and has even learned to looked through the barn and garage windows to see where I'm at.

I've already ponied her and rode her and she performed like a pro and if the neighbors hadn't known any better, they would have thought she grew up here.

The junior rodeo parade is next week and Betsy is getting slicked up and ready for it. I really love this mule.

Best wishes,

More News from Craig and Red River Willie


I have had several opportunities to ride Willie now and he is a pleasure. I figure on riding into the State Game Land weekend after next for a longer adventure and to find some terrain for him to climb Travel should slow down for a little while so hopefully I can put more hours in the saddle.

The PA grass has fattened Willie up a bit and he seems bound and determined to eat it all. His hair has slicked up for the Summer and he is really good looking. Most folks that see his picture mistake him for a horse and are surprised when told he is a mule.

We have found that he has a taste for beer... so we don't leave a cup around him unattended anymore. He is very social and makes friends easily. The people where we board Willie have absolutely bonded with him and have gone to great trouble to make his stable comfortable... even to the extent of putting up a desert painting across the back of his stall. They thought it would remind him of Rancho Santiago. His name is on his stall and a demerit scoreboard is on the outside. (He does have one... but who can blame him for liking beer.)

The dogs have not given up on barking at him but don't bother with him very long anymore. Willie seems to know they can't get through the fence so he just grazes the grass directly in front of them about an inch away. He probably gets pleasure from knowing it aggravates the tar out of them.

Next time I ride, I will send you a photo so you can see him all slicked up. Please give my regards to the whole crew. It would be great to enjoy the hospitality of Rancho Santiago again.

Blessings, Col. Craig

News from Linda and Maximilian Domingo


Hi Jim,

Just to let you know that Domingo, or Maximilian Domingo (Max) is a truly wonderful mule. Sadly I had to put down my other mule Hercules, but Max is a sweetheart. He and I have already covered quite a bit of ground both around my ranch and in the Pecos. He is a joy and is coming along nicely. He spends his days with my donkeys and I ride him as much as possible. I think we have many good years of riding ahead.

Thank you for everything. It took a year of searching and I think I have found my mule!


News from Karen, Rudy, Jack and Francis


I purchased 3 mules from you in 2006. Rudy, Jack and Francis. They are all doing great...We love our mules and can't thank you enough for selling them to us.

Covington, Texas
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