Sold Mules

News from Craig and Red River Willie


Hope you got my voice mail. Red River Willy (RRW) arrived in fine shape a day earlier than we had counted on, so we were very happy about having a premature Willy. This early arrival gave me an extra day to work with him before I head overseas for a couple of weeks. Patti, who works for Pat Downing, did a marvelous job transporting him to Pennsylvania and she was delightful to meet. It was more than obvious the care she had taken and the bonding that she and RRW had achieved. Great job.

We gave Willy two and a half days to recover, relax, gradually adjust to the lush green grass of PA, and get frisky. The couple that are looking after him (Marsh and Pam Bachman) are as excited as we are about him. Sunday I saddled up and put 8 miles on him and exposed him (probably not a proper way to say that) to the Pennsylvania roads, fields, bridges, and traffic. He performed like a trooper. Only time we had a near problem was when two cotton tail rabbits jumped about 3 feet in front of us. Thought I might become a mule necklace, but I managed to keep my dignity. The infamous plastic bags that are used for covering large mounds of hay, etc. was another thing that Willy just wasn't too familiar with. Wind was howling and the bags were slapping as we approached... I am certain he thought it was something that was going to jump up and grab us. But it was a great ride and Willy has already had many admirers. One experienced horseman even acknowledged that Willy sure looked good under saddle.

He has been running along the fence with the Amish carriages and also has had a farmer from across the street visit him at the fence. He makes friends easily. He loves attention and is demonstrating a tendency to show off. He likes to roll and everyone enjoys watching that. He won't eat carrots but loves apples (one a day).

I got a report this afternoon that Willy was lounging in the shade of his new pasture. Willy seems very well adjusted and happy in his new home. Thanks for finding a great mule and for the hospitality of Rancho Santiago. I look forward to many adventures with my Willy (mule).

By the way, Mo has taken some excellent photos of my Willy (mule) and we will send them to you for your sold mules update. Regards to Maria and all.

Be well, Craig
Craig L. Carlson
Colonel (Ret.), USA

News from Kris, Wendy, and Bruce


Dr. Gamble,

Had a great time turkey hunting last weekend with Bruce and one of our other horses. Wendy was able to fill her tag with my excellent turkey calling. We'll go back out Memorial Day weekend to see if I can fill mine.

Hope you are doing well.

News from Scott, Lucas, and Bubba


Hi there Jim,

Here's some photos I snapped yesterday while out at the barn. Our boy, Lucas, and Bubba are getting along real well. When Bubba gets too nosy Lucas just slaps him on the snout and fusses at him. Once the boy grows some legs I'm expecting Bubba will be a real pal.

Meanwhile Bubba and I have been getting out pretty regular again, now that the snow has finally melted.

Hope all is well with you and your family,

News from Karen and Tillie


Just wanted to give you a quick update on Trail Riding Tillie... Got back late last night... Hauled Tillie over to some friends who are avid trail riders. I rode Tillie in their indoor with the other horses so she could get used to them...then we rode around the farm...and then since Tillie was very relaxed...we took off acrossed the fields. She was Great! We rode only about 4 miles...but Tillie was in the lead the whole way. No putting her nose behind some equine. She outwalked those Quarter Horses who were trotting to keep up with our walk... we even circled a few times to help them keep up. I am so happy that I took the extra time to bond and cement the foundation work on Tillie. I think the Clinic Tillie and I attended helped us bond and begin a great partnership together....:)

This is Tillie and I just before taking off across the fields on our trail ride... Bonding took a while..but I can't believe the difference in her. All that ground work has certainly paid off! She is my buddy....!!!! She also now has a nice spin and sliding stop on her!!!!


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