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News from Manfred and Dancer in Germany


Hello Jim,

Dancer is growing real big and Silver is fine too. Attached is a picture of Dancer and her best friend. Her name is Melanie and she cares for her. She likes mules so much that she is doing a work for her school. It is about "the rare chance of fertility of mule mares". There are some mule mares that are fertile. But we can't find any information about that. How is that possible, that they are fertile although they have a uneven pair of chromosomes ? Can you help us ? Or can you give us some names of people we could ask about that ? That would be great.

Best wishes to you and your family and team,

News from Karen and Tillie


Thought you might like to see Tillie.... I am taking her everywhere with me as she is very insecure in new places...

I can't ride her off the farm yet...She is wonderful at home but frets and gets nervous where ever we go. I am assuming she only worked at the fedlots and your farm. So no trail rides for us until she listens when we are away from home... So working on gaining her confidence and.....She's turning out to be a nice Reining Mule....I wanted a Trail Mule???? Perhaps in time... In the mean time...she'll be one well trained Lady.


News from Lorraine and McIntyre



McIntyre made it back safely and rode very quietly in the trailer as opposed to my horse who spins and fidgets most of the time. We introduced him over the fence to his new pasture mates. No squealing or kicking. Initially my horse went off, but he does whenever a trailer comes over and a new friend is unloaded. After running and bucking for awhile the horse rode the donkey in an effort to establish his place in the pecking order? mcintyre was unimpressed. that was the adjustment period. i turned the other 2 loose with the mule and by 11pm the horse and mule were grooming each other. he has settled in nicely and seems to be attached to me. i lead him around with the lead rope around his neck. the donkey is not thrilled and tries to antagonize him but has not suceeded as of yet, and the mule prevails at the feeding trough. Mcintyre is facinated by the goats across the driveway and seems to enjoy their presence. he and my aged buck goat have become fast friends. i hope he can keep his nice tail intact between the donkey and the buck. i rode him today and fitted his tack.

He seems to respond well to the jointed myler bit and 1 eared bridle. I can see why you and mike like the gel impact pad. he traveled fluidly and enjoyed touring the neighborhood and visiting with the other horses and donkeys in the valley. My tucker endurance saddle fits him well as it was built for a mule with similiar confirmation. I am planning a camping trip in the next couple of weeks and look foward to getting him up in the high country. I think we are going up to pagosa springs to ride the canejos river area and wolf creek pass.

Again I thank you for making this mule available and am sure he and I will have a lot of quality miles together. I will let you know the date of the valencia county fair donkey and mule show and send a list of driving and riding classes. I am hoping to show mcintyre at this show probably western pleasure and hunter under saddle. Again if you are out riding this way please get in touch would love to do some serious trail riding with other mules.


News from Kris and Bruce

Dr. Gamble,

Here’s some pics with me and Bruce. The pics don’t include the gel pad cause I had to order it and just picked it up yesterday. I haven’t had time to put the britching on and get it all adjusted so I’ve been riding the flat land without it.

He’s working out real nice and has become quite attached to my wife’s thoroughbred.

He was a little stand offish at first and hard to catch, but is realizing there might be apple treats in the pocket. He had one annoying problem with pawing the fence to get your attention. I don’t know if he is over that yet or just isn’t allowed to do that by the other horses. The more I work with him the better. I trimmed and filed all feet with no problem. I really enjoy riding him and have been practicing leading the horse that I’ll train to carry the saw buck. Bruce does well with the horse behind him and doesn’t get too upset when the lead rope gets under his tail.

Overall we are doing great. I just found out I also got drawn for archery elk in New Mexico. It’s going to be a busy fall.

You can see from the pictures, I haven’t sold the grey horse yet. I snuck in a picture of my wife with her horse.


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