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News from Nancy and May Flower

 Dr. Jim,

Finally got a picture of me and May Flower...We've spent most of our riding time going up and down the "Alabama Mountains", and this was May's first trip to Florida. She held up real well in all the sand. I guess we rode about 15-20 miles each day. Not bad for a "pretty nice ole mule" and her overweight owner. My girls rode the Arabians who due to their Endurance backgrounds, walk pretty fast. May didn't have a bit of trouble walking like the Arabs. I wasn't sure how she'd take to being stalled each night. She boycotted the first night by pooping in her water bucket. By the next night, she was good and tired and pooped in the corner instead!

Please tell everyone at the Ranch "Hello" for me.

Happy Trails,

Nancy C and May Flower

News from Nancy and Traveler

Note: This is the 3rd mule that Nancy has purchased from Rancho Santiago!

Hi Jim,

Traveler arrived safe and sound (as I knew she would). Mr. Myers and Margaret were going to spend the night, probably in Springfield, and head back to Texas tomorrow.

Traveler's pictures don't do her justice, she is much more beautiful and seems really sweet. I know I'll love her just as much as John John and Honey.

Thanks again.


Could not let the season pass without wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the best New Year yet!

Also wanted to let you know how much joy my mules have brought to me. Canyon Trail Traveler is the most wonderful mule and we have really bonded. I renamed her Tess and she now answers to that name so I think she likes it! She meets me at the gate when I go to the pasture and if she happens not to see me coming all I have to do is call and she comes running. She is so patient with my funbling to mount--my knee is still a problem and may continue to be. Because of this I am unable to ride High Pockets John so he is living at the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch. This is a facility for troubled boys 12 to 17 about 100 miles from me.. They have an excellent equine program--teach not only riding, but horsemanship-- and the men in charge of the animals and wonderful. They have horses and mules in their program and they love John John as much as I do and he LOVES all the attention. He has a buddy molly mule named Ruth--she is as big as he is.

Honey is still one of the sweetest, gentlest creatures ever put on the earth. She and Tess and my jenny Casper are in a pasture together and get along perfectly.

I understand why you thought so highly of Canyon Trail Traveler (Tess) and appreciate being entrusted with her. I couldn't have done better!

Best wishes,
Nancy R

News from the Coles and Poco Bueno Lou

Dr Gamble, Maria & Jordan,

We finally made it Caprock Canyon to ride. Here's a couple of pictures of Lou. The rider on LouLou is our friend Gary.He's also a mule lover but just hasn't bought one yet. Still has his ole QH. I gave him your card since he is in the market (or so he says).

Hope your Christmas & holidays are blessed,
The Cole's

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