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New Mexico snow on the mountains

Greetings, Dr. Jim!!!

Just a brief Happy New Year greeting to you!!
In a nutshell, Lilly and I have been exploring New Mexico with a wonderful group of women day riders!  I have a trailer now, and there's no stopping us!
Well....except for October 21 when right here at home we were attacked by two dogs.  Lilly bolted (not towards home), I came off and broke my shoulder.  PART of the problem was the saddle size....Big enough for a large man.  Anyway, I now have an Aussie and both Lilly and I LOVE it.  I started riding six weeks after my "break".  
So here is a photo, sent as an attachment, of Lilly and I in front of our mountains on  my 66th birthday!
Warmest regards,

Johnson family and their Rancho Santiago mules serious wreck "Fortunate to be Alive"


It was scary to read through the Johnson's news of survival from a truck and trailer wreck. This entire family rides mules in the out back mountain country of California. "Mule" folks ... our kid of super good people. We are proud of the mules "Tupelo" and "Buck Master" for their mule survival sense and toughness that allows those mule calmness.

We thank God for their okness.

Dr. Jim

At Rancho Santiago




Craig sent a message using the contact form at

Dr. Jim,

I hope this message finds you and Maria well. I just wanted to touch base with you and mention some bitter-sweet news. My wife Christy, 6 year old daughter Jennifer, myself, our 3 dogs and 3 mules(two of which came from Santiago, Buck and Tupelo), were involved in a near head on collision over the 4th of July weekend. Our truck was damaged and our gooseneck trailer totaled and our mules got some stitches. Thats the bad news. The good news is that aside from the mules getting banged up a little, we had no other injuries. Best we can tell, the driver coming in the other direction fell asleep and came across the double yellow line in to our lane. I managed to get over just enough to avoid the head on but not the accident all together. The Lord knows, we are fortunate to be a live - all of us.

Where this concerns you, are the mules. They all smashed their faces hard enough in to the window grates to blow the grates clean off of the trailer and cut their faces up pretty good. The amazing part is that after standing in the trailer for almost 3 hours, along side the highway in the damaged trailer, waiting for a ride, the mules unloaded - calmly, and reloaded in to the pickup trailer - calmly, without a hitch. After getting stitched up and checked over by the vet, our trusty mounts are again back carrying myself (on Buck) and our six year old daughter Jennifer ( on Tupelo) without incident. Like nothing ever happened short of the scabs left behind on their faces. Fortunately, we have established good trust between ourselves and our mules, and that trust has not wavered following the accident. - Good mules.

Speaking of good mules, what else can you tell me about Pancho Lopez? How big is he? How old? Anything else. Not that I am in a position to buy another mule right now, just curious.

Please say hi to Maria and Mama. We hope to make it by the ranch again some day to see you all again.


Craig Johnson

Rancho Santiago's Jessie is at home with Linda in Arizona

December 2010

Dr. Jim

Jesse is an awesome mule.  She is everything you said she was.  She sure is a talker.  When I show my face at the barn Jesse has a lot to say and she doesn't mince words.  Jesse is definitely a keeper.  Thanks so much for your kindness and helping me get such a wonderful riding partner.  Here are a few pictures of our first ride.  Thanks again.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Linda M-N

Note:  Rancho Santiago is really happy that Jessie is with a great gal that understands mules, keeps care of her animals, and appreciates the qualities of our truly better class of mules.

Dr. Jim

more news from linda and jessie




Dr. Jim

The BC brand on her hip = Burro Caballo.  Here's a picture of us on our second desert ride, which I might add was even better than the first.  Love that mule!

L. Marsh-Nott


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