Sold Mules

Molly mule and the Peacocks

Hello Jim,  
Just wanted to say hello to you and your wife.. We are just fine here and Molly is so happy.. We are bless to have her in our family and she is treated as such... I went camping with her last week and all was good until "The Peacock" arrived...   She got very upset.  Do you guy's have peacocks out there??  I tried to work it out with her but got worse when the peacock raised the tail feathers.  It was funny but I was concerned of her being upset and now I know peacocks will be an issue.. I thought you would enjoy my experience with our wildlife..  Molly is the best mule and are so pleased with her. We'll never own another horse... I hope you all are doing well and life is great...
Thanks for a great Mule, 

More News from Linda and Maude

Got her papers, Thanks.  We have been riding regularly.  She is quite a character.  The more we get to know one another the more our rides are relaxed and really a lot of fun.  She is extremely smart.  We refer to her as "Her Maudness".  I believe it is a royal title.   She understands a lot of English and has taught me some Mulish.  I can give treats on command now.  I love my mule.

News from Linda and Maude

I guess we now have positive proof that the mules of Rancho Santiago are afraid of nothing.  Nicole said she had the trailer door open, went to get Maude who came right along with her and the next thing she knew she had three other mules in the trailer ahead of Maude.  She said it was hard to get them out, between them stealing hay and her laughing it took a minute or two.  The really bad news is, she got so caught up in the mule wrangling that she drove off without the papers (you know the ones that you drove 80 miles plus one way to deliver).  She did not realize this until 50 miles down the road.  When you get a chance would you mail them to me along with my bill of sale and anything else I need for Maude.  I am so sorry that you apparently went to all of that trouble for nothing and Nicole is just about as embarrased as can be.  I will need that health certificate and coggins for Maude's trip May 31.  Until then I don't need it for anything.  After listening to the tale of the hitch hiking mules, I sure wish there was a video.  Talk to you soon.  Oh by the way, Nicole said I got a great deal, she said Maude just seems to take everything in stride and she's a looker.  She said she really liked Maude.  I told her to make sure Maude made it all of the way here and didn't "get lost" on the way.  Bye

Linda in Arizona

Phone call after arrival:  “Dr. Jim this Maude mule is not quite what you represented her as ... Maude is 100% better than you said she is!”

News from Janie and Apache Wind Dancer

Dear Jim,
Just wanted you to know that Apache and I went to the Castle Rock Mule and Donkey Show. It was my first show but I wonder if Apache has been in a show ring before: he was just perfect! He took first place in the "Most Colorful" class and acted like a movie star. We had a wonderful time.  We also did the in-hand obstacles and the costume class.  He seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole experience and loved the attention.  We will definitely go back next year and enter more events. (Maybe you will be able to fit the show into your schedule too!) My daughter has a trailer so she drove all the way from Durango to Trinidad and then transported us to Castle Rock. Apache loves to trailer.  I hope to be able to afford one soon so we can do more traveling.
Just thought you would like to know that Apache is a star in every sense of the word--and I love him so.
Your friend,
Janie B
P.S. There may be pictures posted on the Castle Rock website.
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