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News from Lori, Keith, Elk Guides Polly, and Scooter Red

Mar 17 2009

Dr. Jim & Maria,

We just got our Website up and running.  It is still not done but a lot of it is completed.  I wanted to let you see where your mules spend their days.  This is the home of Elk Guides Polly and Chicksaw Indian Scooter Red.  They are our designated baby-sitters for our weanlings........Red stays with the boys, and Polly stays with the girls. They are the BEST baby-sitters that we could ask for.............Red is in the photo on the "Facilities" page, on the turnout above the arena...........they have a view of the ocean.  They are loved and well taken care of...........thank you for such wonderful animals.............!!!

Lori & Keith Candee
Heart River Ranch, LLC

News from Don and Molly

Dec 22 2008


More pictures will be forth coming.. Molly was the best.. Huge parade this year and she handled it like a champ..


News from Ally, Mark, Sally Goodin, and Comanche Blue Fire

Dec 9 2008

Hey Jim remember us? 

We love love love our mules we got from you.  We purchased Sally Goodin and Comanche Blue fire.  We have  the best time with them!!!  Even when we get super busy and cant ride for awhile they jump right in the trailer and off we go without one worry.  I was wondering if you had any more info on Red River Peso.  Price etc... A million thanks our mules were well worth the investment.  


News from Kay and Black Gold

Dec 8 2008


Hello Jim,

hope you & yours are doing well. this is kay carroll, Black Gold & Peso & colt are all well, getting fat on wheat planted in Oct. Black G makes a wonderful watch dog for the whole ranch. I enjoy his friendly bray several times a day.  Also, im confident he has three fine mule colts on the way. He is truly the breeding animal u promised.

Kay C. thanks again for selling me your fine animals.

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