Sold Mules

News from Kay and Black Gold


Hello Jim,

hope you & yours are doing well. this is kay carroll, Black Gold & Peso & colt are all well, getting fat on wheat planted in Oct. Black G makes a wonderful watch dog for the whole ranch. I enjoy his friendly bray several times a day.  Also, im confident he has three fine mule colts on the way. He is truly the breeding animal u promised.

Kay C. thanks again for selling me your fine animals.

News from Ally, Mark, and Sally Goodin

Hey jim remember us?  We love love love our mules we got from you.  We purchased Sally goodin and Camanche Blue fire.  We have  the best time with them!!!  Even when we get super busy and cant ride for awhile they jump right in the trailer and off we go without one worry.  I was wondering if you had any more info on Red River Peso.  Price etc... A million thanks our mules were well worth the investment.   Ally

News from Kris, Bruce, and Hanna


Hanna is a great mule and a perfect match for Bruce. We have a hard time telling them apart sometimes.  Wendy and I have enjoyed every moment riding the river this fall.  I can't wait till we can get up in the mountains next summer.


News from Barbara and Chico

This is Chico and I in the Illinois River in Selma Oregon.. It was fall and the colors were just beautiful..

I had such a great experience buying my mule “Chico”  from you I would tell anyone looking for a good mule to contact you . The mule was everything you said and more.

Thank You again Jim
Barbara Evensizer
Carriage Works, Inc

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