The Good Old Days

Memories from the Past

Jim at 4 in Kansas City
Jim and Redman

Redman (AQHA Catch A Rocket)

God’s gift to a horseman.

Jim at 7 on a mule

Dr. Jim began riding horses by himself at the age of 4 on a park path in Kansas City, Missouri when his Dad was in the Navy.  The name of the horse was “B’s Midnight” and he was the fastest pony in the string.

Granddad Bickley would send pony ride money weekly.

Dr. Jim gained his own appreciation of the strength and stamina of a good mule at 7 years of age. It was great to ride this wonderful jug-headed veteran mule in the New Mexico mountains each summer.

His Dad, Art, rode western-style and his mother, Mary Elizabeth, rode English. Thanks, folks for passing on the love & heritage of equines.

Ott Gamble

Dr. Jim’s paternal grandfather is A. N. “Ott” Gamble.

On the left, Ott is driving the wagon full of happy party revelers in this photo. Dressing up and going to a party was the big entertainment in those days without movies, TV, and even the radio was scarce.

On the right, Ott is driving Joe pulling his courting buggy.

Ott Gamble
Mr. Bickley
Mrs. Bickley

James McDonold Bickley is Dr. Jim’s maternal grandfather. He was superintendent of the Clovis, New Mexico, schools for many years. Mr. Bickley attended Harvard and is listed the New Mexico Educator’s Hall of Fame. He was superintendent of the Clovis, New Mexico schools for years.

My maternal grandmother, Ola E. Bickley, feeding the chickens over 100 years ago on their family farm near Clovis, New Mexico.

Vaya Con Dios

Our son, Jamie, loved riding horses, the ranch, and mules. James Angus Gamble was killed on Friday the 13th, February 1998 in an “on purpose” wreck. Jamie was 20 years of age.

Dr. Jim’s brother, Rob Gamble (aka P. J. Belly) purchased this full page remembrance in the Mules & More magazine with the Spanish blessing of “Go with God” for the loss of his nephew, Jamie, and our Dad, Art Gamble. Dr. Jim pictured in the center is alive and well. The boy, father, brother and these first of our mules are deceased. We sure did have some good times.

Jamie and Blacky
P J Belly