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No Litters Currently Available

There is no way Rancho Santiago Catahoulas can tell a buyer exactly when the next planned litter will be available for sale. The plan to mate one of our special stud Catahoulas with one of our top-quality bitches is decided by Rancho Santiago. The time to breed is decided when the bitch’s natural hormones trigger her heat cycle. Nature makes this breeding time decision over which we have no control.

After the breeding, there is a thirty-day wait to see if there was conception. Every breeding is not successful. If the pups made, then a bitch is pregnant 62-63 days before whelping (birth). At birth, the puppies are closely inspected for health. As the pups grow their growth and development are monitored daily. The waiting time to receive a reserved pup can take several months.

Experience over time has shown that a Rancho Santiago proven top-of-the-breed quality puppy is well worth the wait.

Check Catahoulas for Sale for photos of planned breedings or available pups.

#1st PUP CHOICES: The FIRST choice of a pup, pups, or entire litter is reserved for the breeder.