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Quality Catahoula hunting, working, and companion dogs.

Rancho Santiago is dedicated to the breeding, raising, and training of superior Catahoula working, hunting, and companion dogs.

Our endeavors are in the memory of Dr. Jim’s dad, Art Gamble, and his grandad, A. N. “Ott” Gamble. Our ranch is located 9 miles north of Dickens, Texas, which is 70 miles east of Lubbock, TX on Highway 82.

We are situated in the heartland of Texas historic ranching country located between the Spur Ranch on the West, the Matador Ranch on the North, and the Pitchfork Ranch and the 6666 Ranch located East of our place in the sun.

Catahoulas hog hunting

Rancho Santiago is a leader in the breeding, production, training, and selling of top-of-the-line Catahoula hog hunting and cattle dogs or puppies.

Mule and Goober Nose to Nose

Our Catahoulas are from a seven-generation line of foundation-bred, quality working Catahoulas that are excellent hog hunting, cattle herding, barn, and companion dogs for the family.

We have had a dog from your Rancho Santiago on our ranch for 12 years now and thought your customers needed to know that my wife had surgery a few days ago, and when I go to change her bandage our big bad pig dog lays at her feet and makes sure I don't hurt her. I have to call him twice to get him to go with me to the barn to feed. I think he knows things are different. You don't find dogs like that anymore. Tell Bonnie and Bosco thanks.

Mike and Lynice
Catahoulas make great family companions
Catahoulas are great with kids
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